Apply to be an NSO & Academic Peer Advisor!

peeradvisorsFrom Michael Ortiz ’17:

The Deans’ Office is looking for talented and motivated students to become Academic Peer Advisors and NSO Peer Advisors for the 2017-2018 academic year. Academic Peer Advisors are juniors and seniors who work during New Student Orientation (NSO) and throughout the academic year to support Wesleyan’s faculty advising program and enhance student access to academic resources, while NSO Peer Advisors work through New Student Orientation (NSO) towards the same goals. Academic Peer Advisors will receive training, give individualized peer advice and facilitate workshops for groups of students regarding metacognitive learning strategies, time management, public speaking, study, and exam preparation strategies. Link to the descriptions & applications for both positions can be found here.

Deadline: Apply by Monday, February 27

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