Reproductive Rights and Justice Advocacy

wesdoulaFrom the Wesleyan Doula Project:

The Trump administration has expressed opposition to the right of people with uteruses to reproductive healthcare, particularly the right and access to a safe and legal abortion.

Trump has already signed executive orders preventing global aid to go to those who discuss or provide abortion services. In light of current and potential rollbacks, the Wesleyan Doula Project is hosting a Reproductive Rights and Justice Advocacy Training. A group of panelists, from reproductive health non-profit leaders to healthcare providers, will talk about the threats of this new administration and what we can do as citizens to combat them. This will be an interactive panel so please come with any/all questions!

This will be in BECKHAM 202 (upstairs) from 7-9 PM on March 7th!

Date: Tuesday, March 7
Time: 7-9PM
Place: Beckham 202!

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