Kool A.D. Brought His Kid to Wesleyan and Performed and There Were Lots of Zines at the Concert

“My Liberal University Cemented My Loyalty to Show Ponies” – Zine title


It has been 5 years since Das Racist broke up. And it has been almost 2 months since Heems added Wesleying on LinkedIn (see screenshot), and only 22 days since he started working for AGW Group, a Brooklyn-based marketing company. But this post isn’t about him.

heemsIt’s about Kool A.D., a different third of Das Racist. He’s coming off an exceptionally prolific 2016. He released 10 mixtapes in 2016, one of which had 100 tracks, as I previously mentioned on this website. He also published a book of 100 vignettes. 

Kool A.D. (or Victor Vasquez ’06) came back to campus this past Saturday to perform in Malcolm X House for the 2017 Disorientation Guide release party. His wife, Saba Moeel (aka CULT DAYS) opened for him, and they also brought their kid. This post is a retelling of what happened. I am really not fooling you. That’s all that it is.

Oh and also: there are 9 startlingly radical zines (which I received at the concert) that are embedded in this post as html flipbooks.

So what brings Kool A.D. back to little old Wesleyan—especially when he’s likely busy from promoting and performing his gargantuan discography—on a night when most students were still off campus? Evidently, Abby Cunniff ’17 just tweeted at him after Kool A.D. put out the call for bookings:

And that’s how this happened, pretty much. The organizers of the Disorientation release party pulled some of Kool A.D.s more radical tweets for the cover photo of the Facebook event:


I include this photo as a primer for what was to follow.

Opening for Kool A.D. was CULT DAYS, who he once endearingly referred to as his “wife/swag coach/fun-employed Islamo-futurist art swami.” She started off her set by lighting incense and sticking it into a pear. She also gave my friend who was in the audience some incense sticks. She went on to deliver a series of Latin incantations to the face of a doll, stirringly paired with a trancey hip hop beat. Her cyborgic style is hard for me to put into words, so I implore you to check out her work on your own. 

Kool A.D. performed to the audience of approximately 30 students, starting at around 11PM. He opened with “Electrum” and dapped every single member of the audience:

It was definitely an intimate show and possibly one of my favorite sets at Wesleyan. He performed at least 12 songs and it was very good. Toward the end of his set, Saba brought down their 2.5 year old child, who was the best dancer in the whole building, no exceptions. Kool A.D. once said in a parenting advice column that “A baby can literally take a shit on you and you’ll be like ‘aww, what a cutie.’ It’s insane.” And I couldn’t agree more. I mean, look at this wholesome video of his kid that Saba posted on Twitter:

There you go. Point proven.

Well, this whole concert was about publications as well. In addition to distributing the freshly printed Disorientation Guide, organizers distributed a large collection of zines touching on every radical issue under the sun. Some of them relate to student activism writ large, and some of them are specific to issues at Wesleyan. I made them all into flipabble PDFs. Note: embedded multimedia does not equal endorsement.

Here is a zine about the BoTs (Board of Trustees):

And another zine about show ponies. This zine is likely inspired by Bryan Stascavage ’18‘s New York Times article entitled “My Liberal University Cemented My Vote for Trump.” Here it is:

And a highly snarky revision of Chair of the Board of Trustees Donna Morea ’76‘s email announcing President Roth’s contract extension:

Here’s a zine containing a revisionist history of the people behind several Wesleyan building names:

A critique of the “subservient university student”:

A recap of last semester’s administrative actions in the wake of the firing of Scott Backer:

A zine by USLAC (United Student Labor Action Coalition) making an argument for the need for better connection between student organizers and on-campus dining and maintenance workers:

Another zine about former Professor of Classical Studies Lauren Caldwell’s sexual harassment lawsuit against the university:

Annnnnnnnnnnd your neighborhood zine about the neoliberal university:

So yeah, check out those zines. If these don’t work on the mobile version of our site, I am truly sorry. I just really wanted to set the Wesleying record for the volume of multimedia embeds in one post.

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