Internally Displaced Persons, Borders, and Refugees Camps: 21st-Century Interdisciplinary Studies

chumThere’s an interesting one-day conference going on tomorrow:

How might interdisciplinary humanistic inquiry enrich our understanding of contemporary refugee crises? This conference explores questions of mobility, borders, identity, representation and ethics through literature, social theory, history, philosophy, and cinema.

Three Wesleyan students (Kareem Asfari ’17, Jackson Anthony ’17, and Casey Smith ’17) are among the presenters.

The schedule is organized so that attendees may come to individual presentations or the whole day.

Full Schedule:

10:00am Opening Remarks by Hassan Almohammed, Larry McGrath of Center for Humanities

10:30-11:40 Power and Politics:
“Rethinking Refugees: A Call for an Ethics of Care Towards Internationally Displaced Persons” Stephen V. Elzie, University of Southern California.
“Hospitality’s Downfall: Kant, Cosmopolitanism, and Refugees” by Adam Knowles, Drexel University.

1:20-3pm Artistic and Media Representations:
“Law, Representation, and Transition at the Border in Youssef Chebbi’s Babylon” Tommaso Manfredini, Columbia University.
“Viewership, Displacement, and Trans- national Media: Imaging Crisis on the Syrian-Jordanian Border” Kareem Asfari and Jackson Anthony, Wesleyan University.

3:10-4:30pm Case Studies in Refugee Policy and Experience:
“Between Security and Protection: Refugee Policy Dilemmas in Jordan” Casey Smith, Wesleyan University.
“Perceived Wellness in the Bhutanese Refugee Community of Lethebridge, Alberta” Erin Davis, University of Lethbridge.

Date: Thursday, April 5
Time: 10AM-5PM
Place: Woodhead Lounge

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