Scores of Michael Roths Swarm Olin During Prefrosh Tour!!

Earlier today, over 100 Michael Roth clones were spotted tiptoeing up the steps in Olin Library just before 12:30. Incoming reports suggest that these clones were birthed last night in the basement of 269 High Street in a 400 year old pagan ritual of excess. Or something like that. 

These clones entered the library just before the noon WesFest tours were to make a stroll through, at which point they stripped down to their underwear and probably read The History of Sexuality or On the Interpretation of Dreams. We’ve got visual evidence:

Ok so the Roth clones are just students who want to study in their underwear. Here at Wesleyan, we have naked dorms, naked smoothies, and naked libraries. Today, students began gathering in the library for the noon WesFest tour (traditionally given by Seniors). And, as is the case every WesFest, a bunch of us went and stripped down to our underwear and pretended to study.

Thanks medusa for the pictures and the photoshops! 

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