WesCam is Up Tomorrow, and There Might Be a New Feature

Theses were handed in at 4PM today and we’re all showing a little more skin than we were a month ago, which is a good thing, probably. Spring has sprung and Wescam is going live tomorrow, 4/20 at 4:20PM! Wow, I can’t believe it! The year is almost over and that means seniors only have several weeks on campus to hook up with the entirety of President Roth’s Philosophy and the Movies class make new friends.

The general format is probably the same as previous years, where seniors can add anyone and underclassfolks can only add seniors. Wescam was founded in 1998, 12 years before Tinder and lots of other tech shit, as part of a final project for the COL porn class. But, despite doing the online dating thing before it was potentially socially destructive and insanely profitable cool, the developers are supposedly not opposed to outside influence. This year, according to rumors, the developers have kinda borrowed a feature of a popular app. Hannah Thompson ’17 thinks it might be stories:

That would certainly be timely if true.

According to a tip we received in our staff inbox on Monday, the new feature might be giving BA/MAs the status of graduating seniors (meaning they can request anyone on campus):

While the tip does make sense, the most-substantiated rumor according to our anonymous sources is that Wescam now has a “Super Like”-like feature. In my limited imagination, this probably means being able to choose to bypass the Pokemon moniker and reveal your identity to the senior/underclassperson of your dr3ams. S’cute!

Here’s the website where you can register and do it all: wesleyanscam.com

Enjoy and look for our Wescam write-in in a few.

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