People, Flowers, and Albus the Cat: A Photo Essay

And then she said I had performed a sort of quintessential act of human appropriation of the nonhuman.

In my never-ending quest to conjure up new forms of procrastination, I posted a status on Facebook last Friday asking if anyone wanted to be a part of a Wesleying feature that was quite simply about two things: (1) people, (2) flowers. The feature would go like this: I would take photos of people being ‘unapologetically happy’ with flowers somewhere in the mix.

The idea gained a lot more traction than I thought it would, so I spent my entire Sunday not doing homework and taking pictures of my friends instead. And, as promised, they’re going up on Wesleying.

I began my Sunday by strolling past Earth House, where I saw an assortment of multicolor tulips that struck my fancy. I picked a few and took them back to the lab that I work in and put them in a tiny E flask because I really don’t own vases. When I saw kitab later that day, she asked me if I was working on my flower feature, and I replied by saying “Yes. I also found some awesome tulips outside of Earth House and put them in a flask in my lab.” And then she said I had performed a sort of quintessential act of human appropriation of the nonhuman. Touché, kitab, touché. 

My first subjects of the day were Sahil Singhvi ’18 and Giorgia Sage ’18 and both of them were lovely and incredibly happy. They told funny stories while I made them stand in a tree next to Olin.

Giorgia on why she should be wescammed: “Wescam me to have a cameo in a witty but misanthropic slam poem about hookup culture and desirability politics.”

Sahil on Wescam-as-concept: “What do I think of Wescam? It’s a great way to meet root vegetables.”

I then went along to my next appointment on Foss Hill, where I would be photographing Tomás Rogel ’19. When I arrived, he was doing reading about photography for a sociology class. He spared a couple minutes for some pictures, and I was very grateful. The flowers in this picture? See hat and tat.

Tomás on why he should be wescammed: “Honestly, I’m just thirsty. That’s all there is to it.”

My response: “It is a hot day.”

Tomás: “It’s a hot day, and I need to quench that thirst.”

Me: “And the world isn’t getting any cooler any time soon.”

Tomás: “No, fuck global warming. Fuck Donald Trump.”

I then went and got a photo of Saadia Naeem ’20, who had some awesome sunglasses of which I am incredibly jealous. The flowers in this pic? On the blanket.

Saadia on why she should be wescammed: “Cause I’m really cool and funny. I’m a great conversationalist and will play 20 questions with you.”

While I was on Foss Hill, someone was walking their cat on a leash; this reminded me intensely of Hari Kondabolu’s bit on cats during his recent set in Crowell, but I digress. The cat’s name was Albus (as in, Dumbledore), and should be wescammed because of his name alone:

Distracted by Albus, I almost lost track of time and had to run to my next photoshoot in the CFA. Shirley Fang ’18, artist extraordinaire, had just finished dance rehearsal and informed me that there was a beautifully blooming tree near the DAC courtyard.

Shirley, on what they think of Wescam: “I think it’s the best way to meet someone you truly love. I think I will find my frog friends on wescam.”

Shirley, on why they should be wescammed: “Cause I’m a flower. I don’t know.”

Luckily, Jaime Marvin ’19, who was very interested in my idea from the beginning, was just across the way by the labyrinth, waiting for a rehearsal to begin. I was able to snag a quick photo and ask her about Wescam and what’s making her happy these days.

Jaime, on what’s making her happiest these days: “My roommate, who is a lovely, beautiful human being. I’m writing things again. I’m really busy, and it’s really warm, and the world is such a nice place full of nice people.”

Jaime, on what she thinks of Wescam: “Chaotic good.”

Jaime, on why people should wescam: “I’m so good at puns.”

Hannah Fritze ’18 and Sofie Somoroff ’18 found a blooming tree in between Allbritton and PAC and this happened:

Hannah and Sofie on what was making them happiest on Sunday: “We’re just happy that we’re not hungover.”

Lastly but certainly not leastly, I managed to wrangle Spencer Brown ’18 for a few quick photos with some dandelions:

Spencer, on why he should be wescammed: “Thirty, flirty, and fun.”

Emma Rose Borzekowski ’19 on why Spencer should be wescammed: “Wescam Spencer Brown because he’s in a quarter credit strength training class (this is why)”

Emma Rose on why she should be wescammed: “I’m good at puzzles.”


Please comment saying whether or not I should try to get the Green Fund to fund Part 2 of this series.

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