TRAILER: Wesleyan Senior Thesis Films 2017

We’re a couple days late on this, but w/e, some of us have three finals due before the last day of classes. (Why?? Why?????)

Anyways, do you have senior film major friends/crushes/friendcrushes/Wescams? Do you want to see some cool short films that they put a ton of blood, sweat, tears, and Kickstarter money into? Then I highly, highly recommend checking out the Senior Thesis Films at the Goldsmith Family Cinema on May 12-13.

Don’t believe me? Check out this kickass trailer, edited by Ostin Fam ’17:

Wesleyan Senior Thesis Films Trailer 2017 from Ostin Fam on Vimeo.

Here’s the full programming for the senior films (be sure to line up well before 8pm to snag a seat):

16MM / DIGITAL PROGRAM 1: Friday, May 12 at 8 pm
Films by Julie Magruder, Isabella Fitzgerald Harewood, Henry Kinder, Joseph Eusebio, Nicolas de Soto-Foley, Jayvee Salunga, Jacob Sussman, Laura Brown, Ostin Fam

DIGITAL PROGRAM 2: Saturday, May 13 at 8 pm
Films by Gabe Doss, Jackson DuMont, Noah Sellman, Peter Casciato, Matt Shelley-Reade, Tiffany Liang, Lara Hetzel, Russell Goldman, Sofi Taylor

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