Procrastination Destination:

be the dot, become the dot is a game that my friend Joomy Korkut ’17 showed me maybe two years ago, and the basic premise is this — you are a dot. You use your mouse to move your dot around the screen in a network of other dots. When you run into a smaller dot, you absorb it into your body and you get a little bit bigger. But when you run into a bigger dot, you get absorbed by that body and you lose. The catch is that bigger dots move much much slower than smaller dots, so it’s easy to run away from the big dot monsters for a while.

You can press the space bar to split your dot body into two half-sized smaller dot bodies, and that helps because it makes you go faster but it doesn’t help because it means you’re more vulnerable to being swallowed. You can press W to “eject mass,” which is a funny way to put it, but it’s another last-ditch tactic to get away from something bigger than you.

Sometimes when a bigger dot is chasing you, they will split into two dots in order to eat you. I have lost that way several times now!! You yourself can split multiple times but again, being smaller makes you VULNERABLE.

The medium-sized dots often try to corner you. You also can’t actually ‘win’ this game in a traditional sense. Maybe you can get to the top of the leaderboard, but also, maybe not. Maybe you’ll just be “unnamed cell” in 78th place forever. Either way, good luck, and happy procrastinating.

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