Procrastination Destination: Questionably Useful Cooking Tutorials

What better time than the end of the year to finally learn how to cook? Now is the time to try some fun new recipes as you clean out your kitchen, and the internet has lots of excellent tutorials that can help you sharpen your skills… or not. If you are looking for useful advice, today’s procrastination destination probably will not help you. But perhaps this collection of intentionally bad internet cooking tutorials will serve as good examples of what not to do. Read after the jump for more:

You Suck at Cooking

You Suck at Cooking is a series of videos with culinary advice that is often dubious at best. If you really do “suck at cooking,” these videos might help you improve. Or they might not. Highlights of the YouTube channel include:

Corn on the Cob

A recipe described in the video as being “more delicious than corn on the log, or corn in the bog, or corn on the saw, or corn on the dog, or corn in the fog, or corn on the job, or corn in the clog, or corn on Bob, or corn on the slob.” If you ignore a bit of blatant product placement in this video (courtesy of its sponsor), the demonstrations of culinary skills and techniques are hilarious and almost useful. As an added bonus following this informative tutorial, the video concludes with a song about a corncob’s inner hopes and dreams:

10 More Ways to Chop an Onion

Similar to an earlier You Suck at Cooking video called 7 ways to Chop an Onion, this video presents some interesting onion-dicing techniques.

Kitchen Hacks

Includes tips on organizing spices and utensils, and advice for how to give bananas a better quality of life in the kitchen.

Tiny Kitchen

Another series of video cooking tutorials called Tiny Kitchen will only be useful if you have a tiny appetite. Regardless, they are mesmerizing to watch. While these tutorials aren’t necessarily bad, they aren’t very practical unless you have your own tiny kitchen stocked with tiny dishes, utensils, and ingredients. Some highlights of the Tiny Kitchen series include:

Tiny Wedding Cake

Tiny Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

Tiny Donuts


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