LIVEBLOG: Wesleyan Commencement 2017

Today at 10am, the class of 2017 will begin lining up around the Wesleyan graveyard, probably hungover from tent party. Actual commencement will begin at 11am. There will be a livestream of the ceremony featuring commencement speaker Claudia Rankine on the Wesleyan Facebook page and on WesCast.

Congratulations to the class of 2017 and to Wesleying’s graduating seniors Maya, kitab, rachel, and medusa. We’re going to miss y’all!


midmar May 28, 20171:15 PM

Congratulations class of 2017!!!

wilk May 28, 201712:38 PM

People are giving Roth pink slips

Sam May 28, 201712:24 PM

And the name calling begins

Sam May 28, 201712:23 PM

Mind blowing speech

Sam May 28, 201712:16 PM

Rankine keeping it real

Sam May 28, 201712:15 PM

“Sexual assault against anyone will be recognized as such” @Scott Backer

midmar May 28, 201712:15 PM

Damn, she’s amazing

Sam May 28, 201712:02 PM

I’m already shook

Sam May 28, 201712:01 PM

Claudia Rankine’s speech begins

Sam May 28, 201711:58 AM

I cannot clap loud enough

wilk May 28, 201711:57 AM

Love this speech

Sam May 28, 201711:56 AM

Bless this woman

Sam May 28, 201711:56 AM

These are the voices that should be uplifted rn.

Sam May 28, 201711:48 AM

“Today is the day you celebrate the superpowers that college has given you”

midmar May 28, 201711:46 AM

I already zoned out and I’m not even physically there

Sam May 28, 201711:45 AM

I can feel people clocking out of this speech

Sam May 28, 201711:44 AM

This man is so hypocritical

midmar May 28, 201711:43 AM

actually no, take a shot every time he says “liberal education”

midmar May 28, 201711:42 AM


Sam May 28, 201711:39 AM

Someone just screamed “SHUT THE F*CK UP”

Sam May 28, 201711:39 AM


midmar May 28, 201711:39 AM

take a shot every time someone says “dynamic”

midmar May 28, 201711:38 AM

Loving the tassle

Maya May 28, 201711:38 AM

now we have Roth’s schtick about liberal education

Sam May 28, 201711:37 AM

Side note: why does Roth have to have the last word for every speech/award?? So extra

Sam May 28, 201711:36 AM

He got the Baldwin Medal!

Sam May 28, 201711:35 AM

It’s Fight Song guy!

Sam May 28, 201711:31 AM

“Cool-inary arts”

Maya May 28, 201711:31 AM

John Finn is winning a binswanger prize! he also once sent us his omelette recipes

Sam May 28, 201711:30 AM

(Lol the theater dept is exploding all of our faculty are leaving send help)

Sam May 28, 201711:29 AM


midmar May 28, 201711:27 AM

Lizzie’s speech was beautiful <3

midmar May 28, 201711:26 AM

“Retiring from active service”… sounds a bit militaristic

Sam May 28, 201711:24 AM

My heart

wilk May 28, 201711:23 AM


wilk May 28, 201711:23 AM

Also hi Maya

wilk May 28, 201711:23 AM

Lizzie Shackney ’17 is killing it

wilk May 28, 201711:16 AM

Roth: “join me in thanking me”

Maya May 28, 201711:16 AM

roth: “please join me in thanking me… wait no them”

Maya May 28, 201711:15 AM

the biggest damn freudian slip of my lifetime

Maya May 28, 201711:15 AM


midmar May 28, 201711:14 AM

Leave it to Roth

wilk May 28, 201711:12 AM

Roth: “We have seen a disturbing rise in right wing populism”

wilk May 28, 201711:02 AM

My favorite person just said f it to the heels

wilk May 28, 201710:43 AM

I am taking pics of people by the graveyard and everyone is hungover