Chemistry Professor Emeritus David Beveridge Arrested for Animal Cruelty

Professor Emeritus David Beveridge who, until last Spring, was a full time faculty member in the Chemistry Department and the Molecular Biophysics certificate program, was arrested on Tuesday after his dog died in a hot car.

According to reports by NBC Connecticut and the Hartford Courant, Professor Beveridge intended to take his 3-year-old labradoodle Jennie to a doggie day care before he went into work. Instead, he went straight to work, forgetting to drop Jennie off first, and remembered 2.5 hours later. After remembering that he had forgotten to drop her off, he found the dog had passed in the intervening time.

On Tuesday, the temperature in parts of Middletown reached 90 degrees. According to the American Medical Veterinary Association, the temperature differential between the inside of a car and the outside temperature can be as much as 40 degrees Fahrenheit when left in the sun for over an hour. This means that the temperature of the car may have reached as high as 130 degrees.

This was not the first time this happened to a dog in the care of Professor Beveridge. Police spoke with a local veterinarian to whom Professor Beveridge had brought Jennie after the incident, and they confirmed that the same thing had happened in 2014 with Beveridge’s then-4-year-old poodle mix Charlie.

Professor Beveridge retired last Spring from his position as the Joshua Boger University Professor of the Sciences and Mathematics. He now serves as the co-director of the Susan B. and William K. Wasch Center for Retired Faculty. He was released from custody and is scheduled to appear in Middletown Superior Court on Monday.

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7 thoughts on “Chemistry Professor Emeritus David Beveridge Arrested for Animal Cruelty

  1. Ellie Ann Partin Sorensen

    Now, how the f does an EDUCATED MAN, who is consciously aware of exactly what happens to the air trapped in an over heated container, and can remember formulas, but can’t remember that he didn’t stop at the day care and drop lil’ Jennie off.
    Now; I’m really not the smartest person or sharpest tool in the shed, BUT…. it sounds like bullshit to me.
    Everybody suffers from CRS once in a while WHEN OUR lives are hectic. But, it doesn’t just slip your mind that you have a living, breathing creature in the back seat. Sorry…
    If ignorance doesn’t justify not knowing a law, then how does forgetfulness justify killing something or someone you love.

    1. Wes Alum

      I never had Dr. Beveridge as a prof, but I had friends who did while we were at Wes years ago. They commented to me back then about how over the course of the couple years when we were there, his mental state seemed to be declining and he would give muddled explanations in class, forget assignments he had given his students, or forget to show up to class. This was before his first dog died. Having heard these stories from friends, the fact that it happened once sadly doesn’t surprise me. Knowing that it happened twice however, enrages me.

      The God complex of some people in academia, thinking that they do such important research, can work forever, and are invincible, is real. The Wesleyan chemistry department over the past 10 years has been full of examples of people not knowing when it’s time to step away from the work.

    2. Tiger Ayers

      Sounds like he may have early stage Alzheimers, he should get a medical exam. If he does have it, it’s all the more reason he should not own pets, unless there’s someone else in the household who takes full responsibility for the animals. And yes, many academics have a “god complex.” I work in academia.

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