Unofficial Orientation Series 2017: Welcome!

This post goes out to the class of 2021. Raise your Wesleyan RJ Julia shot glass full of dubra (or do that when orientation actually begins).

We at Wesleying have said our salutations before, but it’s time to say a little more. Well, maybe a lot more. Summer is drawing to a close, and that means so many people are probably taking their last chance to tell you what to do and gI’ve unsolicited advice before you leave for college. I remember it. It sucked.

We’re about to give you some more advice. But I promise it won’t suck. Each year, we do this thing called Unofficial Orientation. Wesleying is a student life blog by and for students who go here, to Wesleyan. For Unofficial Orientation, we publish a ton of articles (like, 20) about what life is really like at Wesleyan. We talk about everything from hall hookup do’s and dont’s to summaries of student activism from the past year.

Here’s how it will work:

We’ll (try really hard to) publish one post per day for the next ~3 weeks. Each post will be about a different aspect of life at Wesleyan. Some of the posts are simply updates of things that don’t really change much from year to year. Other posts require yearly rewrites. As each post is published, we’ll update the schedule below with the link so that they’re all in one simple place.

Check back on the site around noon EST each day for a new post. You can also check the Unofficial Orientation 2017 tag. If you really want,  you can take a look at past posts here.

Other things you might consider doing:

1. Switch from this meme group to this one (this one?).

2. And maybe follow us on Twitter

3. Instagram?

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We do have a Snapchat and a LinkedIn too!

Feel free to email staff[at]wesleying[dot]org if you have any questions. This series used to be a lot shorter, but we’ve progressively added more posts as we’ve gotten more feedback about what would be helpful to know.

Anyways, welcome to Wes! It’ll be weird, for sure. Just don’t think about it too much. Also, do your homework. And keep the jumping to a minimum.


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