New Music Video from Class of ’17 Alumni Band Phatrabbit

Phatrabbit was a band known for their Westco triple shows and shows in the meadows behind Long Lane. Recently, they’ve gotten attention for their hit #1 single “Seventeen.” And they have an album coming out soon! It’s called This is Enough and I’m sure it will be lovely.

The band has already released a music video for “Seventeen,” from their self-titled release from 2016. Following this success, they also had an NPr TiNY dESK cONCeRT, W0W!

This is Enough is already sounding good, with “So Sweetly” highlighting some of the band’s best boy rock tendencies. The music video for “So Sweetly” seemed hard to top, with a scene resembling Beyonce’s and Lady Gaga’s infamous diner murders, this time at Athenian.

But Phatrabbit have released a video for another song from their new effort, called “Next to You,” and it might top their last release.

This one is quite bizarre. The video starts with a pseudo-cackle from an old man named Chet, who’s wearing a pink paper crown and a zebra print scarf.

Chet dances around a mansion that quite fucking honestly looks like the White House. This continues for some time, until a rather rapid transition halfway through the video to colorful, glitchy shots of a human-sized figure in a zebra costume strumming away on the guitar.

I hope Eli Spector ’17, Josh Bloom ’17, Andrew Rock ’17, and Will Dudek ’17 keep bringing the jams.

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2 thoughts on “New Music Video from Class of ’17 Alumni Band Phatrabbit

  1. Samuel Wadsworth Russell

    btw, the video’s set in Wesleyan’s Russell House, where all the ghosts of previous Wes presidents reside to haunt unsuspecting students. Adds slightly to the possible interpretative frameworks of the music video.

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