Apply to Be on the Spring Fling Committee

This is what we might look like on Thursday. See those trash cans? That is where Spring Fling trash belongs! Keep Foss clean!

From all of our inboxes:

Interested in planning the largest campus-wide concert of the year? Have creative ideas for improving end-of-the-year entertainment? Apply to be on the Spring Fling Committee!

Answer the following questions and submit your responses to Joanne Rafferty (jrafferty[at]wesleyan[dot]edu), Meghana Kandlur ’18 (mkandlur[at]wesleyan[dot]edu), and Jake Margolis ’19 (jsmargolis[at]wesleyan[dot]edu) by Midnight-Tuesday, September 19th with the subject Spring Fling Application followed by your last name (i.e. “Spring Fling Application Roth” for Michael Roth).

All applicants must be available for a brief, ten minute interview on Friday, September 22nd. Please indicate at the end of your application what time(s) on the given date work best for you. Late applications will not be considered.

Read past the jump for the application questions.

Deadline: TOMORROW, Tuesday, September 19th by 11:59PM

Application questions:

Spring Fling Committee 2017/2018 Application:

1) Why do you want to be on Spring Fling Committee?

2) What have you enjoyed about past Flings? What would you change? (If you have not been to a Spring Fling at Wesleyan, share your best live music experience and explain what made it the best for you?)

3) What is the most important aspect of a great Spring Fling?

4) Who would you realistically like to bring to Wesleyan for Spring Fling this year? Please give a few specific examples of potential line-ups / genres.

5) Can you share an experience you had planning an event and what skills you brought to the planning team?

6) Are you able to commit to attending a minimum of one meeting a week for the entire school year?

Y / N (if yes, what two days work best for you?)

7) Have you ever been on the committee in the past?

Y / N ( if yes, in which year? note: both academic year and actual year )


Meghana Kandlur ’18 and Jake Margolis ’19

Spring Fling Chairs

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