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Sasha Rudensky—“At the Border of Truth: Photographing the New East”

From the CFA:

Assistant Professor of Art Sasha Rudensky will give an artist’s lecture focusing on her series of photographic and video projects completed in Russia, Ukraine, and the greater New East region, between 2004 and 2017. These projects examine the slow dissolution of Soviet consciousness, the ideological vacuum left in its wake, and the reconstitution of new post-Soviet identities.

Date: Tuesday, September 26
Time: 5PM
Place: Ring Family Performing Arts Hall (fka. CFA Hall)

Ben Cosgrove Performs in the Exley Lobby

Hanna Holcomb ’19 writes in:

Ben Cosgrove is the latest Artist-in-Residence for the New England Trail, a 215 mile National Scenic Trail that travels through 41 communities in CT and MA. He will be performing in Exley Science Center lobby on September 27th at 7 pm.

Ben performs regularly all over the country, writes scores for films, plays, radio, and television, and has produced several well-received albums of original instrumental work. The strongest forces guiding Ben’s compositions are his deep interests in landscape, place, and ecology.

Learn more about Ben from his website.

Date: Wednesday, September 27
Time: 7PM
Place: Exley Science Center Lobby

Anything But English; an International Open Mic

From Anna Apostolidis ’19:

Hello magnificent multilingual Wesleyan! Do you have a poem/song/story you’ve wanted to perform at an open mic before, but it just happens to not be in English? Are you interested in hearing words and songs from around the world? Wesleyan program houses are holding an open mic for any student on campus who wants to come and perform. Come with words, actions, or sounds, your own work or someone else’s–the catch: everything performed has to be in languages other than English. We hope to see you there!


Russian House, La Casa, Asian Asian American House, German House, Ubuntu, French Hall, South Asian House, International House, and Sign Language House

Date: Wednesday, September 27
Time: 8:30-10:30PM
Place: Allbritton 311

Professor Anthony Hatch Presents “Black Phoenix Rising: Death and Resurrection of Black Lives”

From the Center for the Humanities:

Associate Professor of Science in Society, African American Studies, and Sociology Anthony Hatch presents the first Monday night CHUM lecture of the semester. This semester’s theme is “Rethinking Necropolitics.”

“In the face of violent anti-black forms of institutionalized racism, black people are forced to find new ways to refuse being killed. Yet, in the wake of successful racist killings, the deaths of black people take on new meanings that give life and hope to those who survive. The deaths of black people become sources of collective and symbolic power for the living. Positioning the Black Lives Matter Movement in the context of necropolitics helps renew our collective need to theorize the value and meaning of black lives within a deluge of death and disappearance in black communities. This movement is part of a broader intellectual tradition in black radical praxis that aims to transform scholarly, activist, and public discourse and public policies concerning anti-black racisms and the prospects for antiracist futures. By drawing on this broader tradition, this lecture envisions a black radical praxis that simultaneously recognizes how black people resist death and transform symbolic meanings of death in ways that push back against anti-black racisms.”

Date: TODAY, September 25
Time: 6PM
Place: Daniel Family Commons (3rd floor of Usdan)

WPU Debate: The West Should Not Promote Liberal Democratic Values to Other Nations

Tess Vartanian ’20 writes in:

The debate topic for our very first debate will be “The West Should Not Promote Liberal Democratic Value to Other Nations.”

Whether you’ve written dissertations on this issue, or just want to learn about it for the first time, WPU is the place for you! The debate features 2 speakers arguing the affirmative and 2 speakers arguing the negative. After the speakers, anyone in attendance has a chance to speak from the floor if they like.

If you would like to be a speaker please contact Tess Vartanian (tvartanian[at]wesleyan[dot]edu).

Business attire is preferred.

Date: Tuesday, September 26
Time: 8-10PM
Place: Allbritton 311