Michaelroths of Wesleyan

Michael roths of Wesleyan began as a photo editing project. The goal was to photoshop Michael Roth ’78 into a thousand situations. Somewhere along the way, I began to add total shitpost captions alongside these photographs.

I have been blessed with a beautiful campus and a beautiful array of Michaelroths. There are so many stories to be told from these images, and I’lll tell them all god dammit. My hope is that these stories touch your life in the same way they have touched mine. I think these images can change the world.

“I’m well endowed. Trust me. My endowment is huge. Why? Did Yale say something?”

“Just so we’re clear: Over the pants HJs during Film Series are strictly forbidden. I don’t make the rules. I was just as upset as you are when I found out.”

“Wasn’t I such a cute kid?”

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