My AirDrop Was Set to “Everyone” and People in Usdan Kept Sending Me Shit

I was at lunch today enjoying some of Stephanie’s famous apple crisp and practicing some team chants with my friends (I am not, nor have I ever been on a sports team), when my phone vibrated.

Someone I didn’t know was trying to send me a photo on AirDrop. I don’t have a Mac, so I rarely use AirDrop. So apparently my phone was set to be seen by anyone else in the vicinity with an Apple device.

I ended up getting three images in total (see after the jump), and I was touched, oddly enough. Don’t get me wrong, AirDrop can turn into ripe ground for trolling, but these memes seemed ok to me, and I’m always grateful for unpredictable laughs.

Here’s what I received:

This image was the first one I received. Cw: Salad horror.


Sounds fake but ok.

These were the only three that I received. Each meme’s content and form were decidedly unsettling. Disembodiment, loneliness, and human-vegetable kinship were the reigning themes. I thought I’d mix it up and send some out into the AirDrop ether myself:

I took this picture in the autoclave room on the second floor of Hall Atwater. Pictured: a disembodied Bender around some other science tech.

And then I sent this:


He had no answers.

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