Psi Upsilon Speaks Out Re: Cornell

Last month, major news outlets reported on a racially charged hate crime associated with Cornell University’s chapter of Psi Upsilon. The administration at Cornell responded by shutting down the chapter indefinitely due to the frat’s history of repeatedly violating the school’s code of conduct.

The Wesleyan chapter of Psi U has sent in a statement to Wesleying regarding these events. The statement can be read after the jump.

Last month at Cornell University, a group of students associated with the Chi chapter of Psi Upsilon assaulted a black student and directed racial slurs towards him.

Over that past few weeks, we–– the Xi Chapter of Psi Upsilon–– have discussed the recent hate crime committed at Cornell University and feel ethically compelled to speak out. We, as an organization, find these actions morally egregious; they do not represent the values that we as a brotherhood strive to embody. Although we have no personal ties to the Cornell chapter, we still bear the same name and want to take this opportunity to formally condemn the actions of these students.

As a brotherhood, we do not tolerate discrimination in any form and will continue to speak out against those who perpetuate hate. Actions and beliefs similar to those expressed by members of the Cornell chapter are considered unacceptable within our organization.

Fraternities have traditionally been comprised of white men. These groups foster environments where members’ personal biases and prejudices are affirmed by their fellow members, thus perpetuating racism, sexism, classism, and hate. Because of this history, we are continuously diversifying our space and holding each other accountable for our actions and the actions of other chapters, in an attempt to distance ourselves from the fraternal legacy of White male institutions.

If any student ever feels unsafe or unwelcome within our house or at our events please reach out to our president, Karina Caban ( or any other brother.

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4 thoughts on “Psi Upsilon Speaks Out Re: Cornell

  1. Confused

    I thought Psi U is now fully co-ed in both membership and living situation. How are they a “fraternity” or “brotherhood”? I’m confused.

    1. CoEdGreek

      Fraternity (noun): the state or feeling of friendship and mutual support.

      The chapter can use whichever terms they see fit to describe their values. I’m assuming the statement above was written (or at least approved) by multiple members of the chapter, and I doubt it would have been published if female members disagreed with ‘fraternity’ and ‘brotherhood’ being used to describe their values.
      I know that many female-identifying members of the Xi chapter call themselves “brother.” Perhaps it’s to stick with tradition, perhaps it’s because they resonate with the family that it implies. Either way, it’s not really your place to deny them of their choice to use that title based on gender.

  2. alum

    “don’t worry, we’re not THAT white and have some girls now so we’ll never do anything wrong” Just disaffiliate at this point, jesus.

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