Halloween Costume Round Up 2017!

“For your viewing pleasure”
Ed Thorndike ’89 of WesWings

Alright, ya’ll. It’s the day that we all look forward to. It’s the end of Spooptober, the start of Christmas, because we can’t capitalize off of Thanksgiving, unless it’s Black Friday.

It’s Halloween. And did ya’ll impress. We asked (yesterday) for your costumes, and I think my eyes are still burning I’m very impressed by the creativity of the student body.

Check out the costumes after the jump!

In typical Mel fashion, I’m going to rate these costumes with memes.

Here are the submissions:

Lianne Yun ’18, “Cracking open a cold one with my hoy minoys”

Rating: get you a hoy minoy who can do both


(From left to right) Kate Louderback, ’21, Michael Goth; Eleanor Raab, ’21, Sexy Michael Roth; Drew Weiss, ’21, Hike-ael Roth; Tessa Zitter, ’21, Michael Sloth (not included: Jonesy Moore, ’21, Michael Hoth)

Rating: ohmygod?? This is a solid 78 doggos.


(From left to right) Josh Davidoff ’18, Duck Guy; Giorgia Sage-Peckman ’18, Yellow Guy; Will Barr ’18, Red Guy

Note: they wanted me to link the “Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared” video, and I hate them for it. But because I care about ya’ll, I’ll honor your request.

Rating: you’ve spilled the drinks tea.


David S. Pumpkins and her skeleton beat boys~
(from left to right) Alison Silverstein ’18, Molly Byrne ’18, Maya Marshall ’18



“Some badass ladies, aka men’s worst fear”
(From left to right) Miranda Hoyt-Disick ’19, Princess Leia and Michelle Fisher ’19, Pirate.

Rating: 69 bon Apple teeths


So that’s that. Please refrain from Santa until AFTER I stuff my face with the swings Thanksgiving pail turkey.


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