The BIG Roll: Let’s Break a World Record!


We all love our beloved Foss Hill, the place where we have napped on, fell down, and avoided at all costs because my calves hurt. And ya know what, Wesleyan? I think Foss needs more recognition. Foss needs to be known worldwide. The face of Wesleyan needs to be our hill, and there’s one way to do so, and it’s happening soon. 


And if you want to help make Foss’ mark on Earth, here’s your chance!

WesMaSS is holding The BIG Roll THIS Saturday from 10 AM to 12 PM. We need to have ~600~ people rolling down Foss within one hour. Yes, 600. And what a coincidence that we’re holding the event during Homecoming weekend.

So, how can I help? Fear not, dear roller, here’s what you can do:

  1. Have a body. Bodies roll.
  2. Sign up here! This school has to make sure you’re legally okay with rolling down Foss. As if you haven’t done this on Saturday night, under the influence of something. 
  3. Show up on Saturday! We need as many people as possible.
  4. Spread the word!
    1. Here’s a link to the facebook event!
    2. Make an email chain and send it to your friends, a la elementary school, where if you don’t send it to 20 people, your life will turn to absolute shambles.

Be there or be a flat plateau.

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