48 Hour Phone Film Festival, hosted by Cardinal Pictures

From Chris Jackson:

Do you have a phone?
Does it record video?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, you’re ready to take part in Cardinal Pictures’ 4th Annual 48 Hour Phone Film Festival!

It begins at 5 pm on Friday, November 3rd and ends at 5 pm on Sunday, November 5th.
You can submit your films anytime between then!

We are also doing a 7 Second Film Challenge as part of the festival, where all the films are limited to 7 seconds (same rules apply, except the runtime is limited to 7 seconds).

Sign up using this form linked here anytime before 1 pm on Friday the 3rd!

The films will be screened on Sunday at a time and location TBA. There will be yummy food and great company.

Date: Friday, November 3rd – Sunday, November 5th
Time: 5 pm on Friday to 5 pm on Sunday

Continue reading to see the guidelines:

As part of our mission to facilitate student filmmaking of all levels on campus, we will be asking participants to shoot and edit films all within a 48 hour time period using only their smartphones as cameras… We hope this will encourage people of all experience levels to produce a film with the confidence that they are limited only by their own creativity.


1. Filmmakers will work individually or in teams to shoot, edit, and submit their films between 5pm on Friday, November 3rd and 5pm on Sunday, November 5th.

2. All films must be shot on a phone or similar mobile device. No camcorders or DSLRs allowed.

3. All films must be 5 minutes or less, including titles and credits.

4. Any music used in films must be royalty free and/or licensed legally so that they can be posted online after the Sunday screening. We strongly encourage filmmakers to create original compositions on their own and/or in collaboration with on-campus musicians. We are attempting to compile a list of the contact information for musicians interested in contributing to your projects–we recommend meeting with a musician during the editing stage and recording their work with your phone or other recording device.

5. We strongly recommend that filmmakers limit or exclude all dialogue from their films, as smartphone microphones will not capture good enough audio for dialogue in most filming situations.

6. Films must be uploaded to Google Drive (Wesleyan email addresses have unlimited storage) and emailed/shared with Cardinal Pictures (cardinalpictureswes@gmail.com) by 5pm on Sunday the 5th.

7. Screening will be Sunday evening, time and location TBA. Filmmakers are encouraged to attend and bring their friends.

8. Films will be evaluated by the audience and rated on their creativity, technique, and overall quality.


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