A Retrospective of Roth Memes

An oldie-but-goodie of MRoth ’78 and Obama

In honor of Michael Roth ’78‘s 10th year as president, we here at Wesleying have collected all of the Roth memes that we could get our hands on. Many of these memes have been collected from Soggy We$ Memes, but Roth memes can be found all over the internet.

Thanks to Maya Dorn ’19 for this perfect meme (which had the most likes in Soggy We$ Memes for a solid 3 months!):


And thank you to Marcelo Salas ’19 for Roth’s Grindr profile:


This collection of rhyming Roth memes (I’m sure there are more good rhymes! Does someone want to make a Moth on Roth one?):

  • Roth on a Sloth (or Sloth on a Roth?)

  • Roth on Hoth:

  • Goth Michael Roth:


Roth as Dr. Evil demanding our tuition money:


This Roth meme has been recently featured as the background for wesportal.com:

Douchebag Michael Roth:


Roth memes are not solely images! There are many choice Roth meme videos such as these:

And of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t direct you to some past posts of Roth memes (or at least visual updates, not sure all of these count as memes, but the man himself is basically a meme at this point) on this very special day:

If you have any other Michael Roth memes that have not been featured (or even new Roth memes!) please send them our way! (staff[at]wesleying[dot]org).

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