Main Street Rite Aid is Becoming a Walgreens

A big change is coming to Middletown: the Rite Aid on Main Street is becoming a Walgreens! This transition comes as part of a failed merger between Rite Aid and Walgreens that was blocked by anti-trust laws in June of this year. Rather than merging with Rite Aid, Walgreens is buying up just under 2000 Rite Aid stores across the country in a deal worth approximately $4.375 billion.

So what does all of this mean for you? Rite Aid sent me a letter outlining the whole transition:


  • The store now has a Walgreens pharmacy.
  • The website and app will not process prescriptions, you have to call them in or fill them in-person
  • You can still use wellness+ and Plenti points for the next two years.
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