Original Content Makers Must Seize the Memes of Production

We’re in a tough spot. Our age group has to deal with a melting planet, a thriving possum population, and a plethora of potential employers that expect us to know how to use Excel. That sucks for us sassy NESCAC kids. In spite of these obstacles, there is supposed to be a light in the dark, a city upon a hill, a beautiful beacon of hope: memes.

But, alas, Wesleyan’s meme culture is less than ideal. I would call it bad.

The Problem

Our resident meme page, Soggy We$ Memes, is saturated with unoriginal, stolen content that is rarely specific to our school. Any scroll down the page will show recycled meme after recycled meme.

I have coded the memes posted in Soggy We$ Memes during the month of October on the scales of Spiciness and Wes Specificity (see Figure 1). These scores were calculated in a scientific, non arbitrary way.

Figure 1

The facts are clear. The numbers have been crunched. Generic memes are not nearly as spicy as Wes-specific ones. Tragically, the generic memes heavily outnumber the Wes-specific posts.

The Solution

Clearly, Soggy We$ Memes is in need of original content. We are an incredibly creative community. People here combined the words “Wesleyan” and “espresso” and created a coffee shop called Espwesso. That is high level wordplay and I know that creativity can carry over to internet comedy. We can do better than content stealers like @fuckjerry and @beigecardigan (btw unfollow those dorks and support the original creators on Twitter).

Wesleyan is so damn memeable. We have apple crisp that is freakin’ world famous (see Figures 2 and 3) and a name that kinda sounds like the school Hillary went to. The content is there to be made. All it takes is a photo-editing/meme-making app and a little bit of effort.


Figure 2


Figure 3

So come on, Wesleyan. Hit me with that weird shit. I’m into it.


There have been some home runs in Soggy We$ Memes. I personally enjoy the Wes-glasses picture (Figure 4) and the Wesleyan dining places Femme-Butch spectrum (Figure 5). They’re both incredible posts, and what do they have in common? They wouldn’t be found in any place other than a Wesleyan specific meme page. Can you picture it? A small pocket of shitpost Facebook that we can call our very own. That’s truly a beautiful thought.


Figure 4: Becca Weinzimer ’19 “aint nothing truer”


Figure 5: Rachel Williams ’19 “no swipe discourse only facts”

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