Notable “Wesleyan” Alumni

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According to the university’s website, “Wesleyan graduates are successful in every profession imaginable, including law, science, medicine, business, politics, and the creative arts. They are often leaders and innovators in their fields”. With all the recent focus on Lin-Manuel Miranda, we thought we’d shed some light on the other people who made the name “Wesleyan” famous.

      1. Clark Gregg

There’s more to Marvel than just Joss Whedon. After attending Wesleyan, Gregg continued Wes’s great film reputation as an actor, director, screenwriter and voice actor. He is best known for the role of Agent Phil Coulson.

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      2. John T. Raulston

For those who say Wesleyan doesn’t have enough conservative voices, the anti-evolution judge in the Scopes Monkey Trial, John T. Raulston, graduated from Wesleyan.

After his graduation, the board revised the intro biology syllabus.

      3. Hugh Hefner’s Parents

As we all know, Hugh Hefner recently passed away :-(  . But luckily, both of his parents, Glenn and Grace Hefner proved to be the true pioneers of Wesleyan’s hookup culture.


Hefner was probably conceived in lowrise, so all y’all upperclassmen have some heavy competition.

      4. Juan Pablo Galavis

Speaking of sexy times, in 2013, this alum was the first Latinx star of The Bachelor.

spoiler alert: he prefers daisies

      5. Robert Pine

Out of Robert Pine’s many impressing acting gigs from CHiPs to Frozen, his true gift to humanity is his son, Lord Nicholas Devereaux in the Princess Diaries 2 and Captain Kirk in the Star Trek reboots. All we can say to this Wesleyan graduate is thank you for Chris Pine.

you have no idea hard it was to close this google images tab

      6. Todd Burpo

He wrote the book about that kid that “went to heaven”. We’re not too proud of this one, so PSA: don’t read the book.

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      7. The Undertaker

Wesleyan may have a pretty good wrestling team, but Mark William Calaway went on from his world-class degree to join World Class Championship Wrestling. You may know him as The Undertaker, of WWE fame.

He undertook too many classes freshman year and started wrestling to vent out his frustration

      8. Lucy Webb Hayes

Did you know that a Wesleyan graduate became the first lady? Lucy Webb Hayes, a Wesleyan alum., was the wife of President Rutherford B. Hayes (Ohio)

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      9. Our Nasty Woman

Speaking of first ladies, our first female president Hillary Clinton was a Wellesleyan graduate!

contemplating if she went to school in Connecticut or Massachusetts


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