Transfers! We’re like freshmen but can do laundry!

We finally got that snow everyone’s been telling us about since we decided to go to school in New England

In less than a week, my first semester at Wes will come to an end. It’s an accomplishment that a lot of students are facing. But for some of us, the transfer kids, this is the second time our first semester at a school will end.

The transfer process sucks. It’s a little bit like senior year of high school but this time you’re really sad all the time. We each went to our first school with a goal of finding a home for ourself and thriving and having the time of our life and LOL we were so dumb. Those original plans didn’t work out too well, so we left to try again.

The transition is difficult for transfer students. It’s scary coming to a new school knowing that the first time around didn’t work out. What if it happens again? What if it wasn’t the school? What if it’s just me?

Lucky for us, Wesleyan is a seriously dope place. I feel like I have even more authority to assert that because I spent two full years at a university I didn’t think was dope at all. Of course Wesleyan has its downs, like the possum that lives near Wesshop and also the possum that lives near Wesshop. But overall this place has made me feel more at home in one semester than I ever did after four semesters at my old school. It probably has a lot to do with Stephanie’s Famous Apple Crisp if we’re being real.

A new cohort of transfer students will arrive in the spring. They will have already moved past the classic freshman year problems like high school sweetheart breakups and learning how to do laundry. They’ll know what it’s like to live in a dorm and they’ll each have their own freshman-year roommate horror story. They’ll all have the harrowing experience of accepting that, shit, high school senior me really messed this one up. They’ll have their memories of filling out the Common App again, but only this time in a college library. They’ll have their own stories about how they told their friends that they won’t be coming back to school. They’ll have that feeling of empowering relief that comes with walking off that previous campus for the last time, knowing damn well they won’t see it again. They will be adults, goddammit, and they will not awkwardly ask a professor for permission to use the bathroom on the first day of class.

They will be incredible people. And they will be nervous.

So, to the transfers coming this spring and in semesters to come: You can be, and should be, scared. It’s scary. It is. But being scared is an opportunity to be brave, and you’ve already proven that you are just that.

This is a good place to go to school. Your first few conversations will consist of “Where did you transfer from?” and “Why did you transfer?” and you’ll spit out the same cookie cutter answer every time. But eventually you’ll develop a level of comfort with some people here. Gradually you’ll start to feel like a Wes kid and not a new kid. That feeling right there is what makes the process worth it.

To the greater Wes community: There is more us transfer students than the places we used to be. We came to this school for a reason and we’re all eager to jump in. So instead of focusing a conversation on a transfer’s previous experience, maybe tell them about what makes Wes strange or awesome or why those are the same thing here.

Hit us with that weird shit, Wesleyan. We’re into it.

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