Procrastination Destination: Spotify Songs with Zero Listens

I just listened to a song by a man named Raymond Froggatt. He will probably be happy to see his name appear in a Google Alert after this post is published. His song, “Stay with Me” had 0 plays on Spotify before I listened to it.

The song can be described as Wiggles-rock meets Usdan Thanksgiving live music act. Here’s a sample of the lyrics:

“And I can see
A light through the dark
In your loving ways

No confusion in this rhyme
No confusion in our time
At least, well, not in mine”

I found the song on a website called Forgotify, which shuffles you through the depths of the music streaming service currently home to over 40 million tracks. At an average song length of 4 minutes, it would take just over 300 years to listen to all of the music on the service.

Because of this, Forgotify was created to bring users to discographies even WestCo kids haven’t heard of. Each song the website brings you to has never been listened to before.

Most of the songs are admittedly atrocious, but it is still strangely addicting to shuffle through these tracks.

If you’re looking for the YouTube equivalent, check out

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