Wesleyan Sends out 279 Early Decision Acceptances to the Class of 2022

For the second time ever, Wesleyan received over 700 applications for Early Decision 1. This year, the Office of Admission reviewed 718 applications for ED1 and sent out 279 acceptance letters to high school seniors who can now rest assured: their senioritis will not be getting any better next semester.

According to Dean of Admission and Financial Aid Nancy Meislahn, just over half of the Class of 2022 will be made up of students who are accepted through early decision rounds. This has been the case for some time, and is probably a reason why we have nice things and special traditions.

This round of ED1 ranks just below last year’s record in terms of selectivity. Half of the 718 applicants also applied for financial aid, and 10% of the pool are the first in their family to attend a four-year college.

29% of those who applied ED1 are students of color, and 7% of the pool are international students. Among the group of international students, most attend schools outside of the US, but a few of these students attend schools in the states.

Students planning to apply to Wesleyan through Early Decision 2 or Regular Decision can expect decisions around February 10th and the last week in March, respectively.

Congratulations to all of the newest members of the Class of 2022! Four years ago, I had no idea how much I’d enjoy my time at Wes. It’s been a wild ride for me and for many I’m close to, as I’m sure it will for you. Here are some words from last year that I wrote to 2021ers; they seem to have survived the arc boomerang möbius strip spaghetti noodle of history:


First off, a big congratulations on your acceptance to Wesleyan! Another congratulations on nearing the end of the college admissions process. Maybe you read one-too-many circuitrider posts on the Wesleyan College Confidential forum? Maybe you tore through the cork soles of your Birkenstocks after touring all 53 of the U.S. Colleges and Universities with more than one ultimate frisbee team? Maybe you didn’t tour any colleges because you spent all your money on application+test fees like me? Well, all of that is (hopefully) coming to a close.

This is Wesleying, an independent student life blog for students who go here, to Wesleyan. We post important things, campus events, and lots of other things that you should read, maybe.

WesAdmits 2022, the admitted students Facebook group is likely to heat up in the next few days, as students begin to post lengthy bios about their favorite NYC-based soft indie DIY band/Soundcloud rapper, your enthusiasm for postmodernist basket-weaving, your unseemly attraction to glitter glue, and your slightly outdated obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A few might even post a video of themselves eating cereal, like someone did when I was a prefrosh.

Alas, the folks at admissions stopped allowing current students to join WesAdmits until the summer. This is quite possibly due to good-natured trolling and memeposting by upperclassmen. So I’m just going to post some things that, as you become acquainted with life at Wesleyan, you should know about:

  • Wesleyan YouTube classics:


I’d like to leave with some wise words from former blogger Zach about WesAdmits, because it truly does stand the test of time:

Also, a bit of advice: enjoy the WesAdmits Facebook group, but proceed with caution. Yes, everything you post there will be scrutinized by future classmates, current students, admission officers, and Wesleying staff. Yes, your future Wes friends will one day look back on those posts and give you shit for bragging about being one of “those who spell theatre with the r before the e.” It’s okay if you don’t already know where you want to live, what you want to study, who you want to be at Wesleyan: you’re not supposed to. Be friendly, share info, but don’t feel pressured to make all your friends and find a roommate and choose an extracurricular and construct an entire post-high school identity now. It doesn’t work that way. And no, you will not have trouble finding other Wes students who share your obscure interest in Radiohead or Arrested Development or playing tennis. They’re out there, and many of them aren’t posting on the Facebook group.

Oh, and you know that one guy who friends every member of the prefrosh class before school even starts? Don’t be that guy.


Two members of the Class of 2022 have already become instant WesCelebs before coming to campus. Asja Jackson ’22 and Dewellyn Howard ’22 both attend T.M. Landry College Prep, an independent school in Beaux Bridge, Louisiana. Along with several other students from the school, the two posted videos of them opening their acceptance letters which were, in the words of Chris Jackson ’20, “more lit than any Fountain party I’ve been to all year.”

Together, their videos have gotten almost 4,000 retweets and over 10,000 likes. The Washington Post interviewed Asja about T.M. Landry and what it was like to receive news of her acceptance surrounded by friends and family:

The night before Asja expected to receive her decision letter from Wesleyan University, she was so nervous her stomach hurt. She said she broke down in tears. The next day, she searched for the bold letters on the computer screen as the other students looked on, along with her mother and several friends wearing Wesleyan shirts. The room grew quiet, she said and then erupted.

“I covered my face because I knew they were going to jump on me,” Asja told The Post. “My mom grabbed me and she just hugged me so tight. She started crying and that’s when I started crying.”

Welcome to the Wes community, Asja and Dewellyn, and all of the rest of the class of 2022!

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