Eclectic Approved for Program Housing

After a year of being on probation for failing the URLC housing assessment and then publishing a troubling application, Eclectic Society will be returning to 200 High Street for the 2018-2019 year. Just after we all returned after being away for winter break, Fran Koerting sent an email notifying us that the Residential Life Committee decided that Eclectic will be regaining its program house status:

After many discussions and gathering of student feedback, the Undergraduate Residential Life Committee, which is composed of student representatives from Residential Life and the WSA, approved the return of Eclectic to program housing status for 2018-2019.  They will share the facility at 200 High Street with Movement House.  We appreciate the positive work the EclecticSociety has done to change its culture, and to bring a diversity of musical and artistic experiences to campus over the past two years, including several successful events that were held at 200 High in the fall.  Students will be able to apply to either of these programs through the program housing selection process, which begins February 19.

A year after Eclectic initially lost its status,on December 4th, a community forum discussed the possibility of Eclectic regaining a house. The meeting was composed of both students part of the community as well as non-members, and bounced around questions regarding the importance of Eclectic as a space for queer and non-white students as well as Eclectic’s intent to host events (if) they were to regain housing status. Though the Residential Life Committee had delayed any further discussion after that night, Eclectic will now be an option for the upcoming academic year.


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