If You Want Your Event Posted to Wesleying, Read This!

A lot of this is recycled text (thx Maya) from recycled text from two years ago (thx Samira), but here are some tips and guidelines for submitting your events!

spring-2009-210HEY WESLEYAN!

Did you know that we post events? Wondering if you should submit your event? Well, you should! Wesleying gets anywhere from 1,000 to 7,000 views per day as of late. Submitting your event to be posted here is good for ~exposure~ and also a way to reach different audiences than those reached by Facebook’s weird algorithm that somehow never made “A WesAdmits Haunting – Back2(Pre-)Frosh ’17 Simulacrum Spook” appear in my newsfeed.

We love posting your events, but we get a lot of them. If you want your meeting/audition/application deadline/concert/thing posted to Wesleying on time, please use this form here. This time of the year is especially busy which makes our inbox quickly burst at the seams, so it helps if you submit your event at least 4 or 5 days in advance.

Much of this is elaborated from our event submissions policy, but here are some things you can do to make life easier:

1) Using the event submission form is the best and easiest way to submit your event, rather than emailing your flyer/event directly to staff[at]wesleying[dot]org or an individual staff member. If the form isn’t working for some reason, definitely email us!

2) Please include some sort of image with your post. If we don’t get an image link, we either (a) don’t post your event with an image, which will make it look boring and which will lead less people to read it, or (b) pick an image ourselves, which may or may not be an irrelevant, terrible stock photo. Also, be sure to include an image link that we can access. If an image link is a google drive link or a Facebook link that is not public, then we can’t see the image.

3) Keep it short. It takes longer for us to format events that read like essays, so keep your description to ~120 words. If there’s extra info, you can always include a link to a Facebook event page, which we’ll put at the bottom of the post.

4) Send your event in as early as possible. In an ideal, stress-free world, we like to have events up two or three days before they happen. So, if you submit your event one or two days before, it’s likely that we won’t see it in time. For the benefit of both you and our staff, please submit your event at least four or five days in advance. (But also, be reasonable—don’t submit your event(s) a month ahead, because we might forget about it.)

5) We don’t post everything, and here are some things we don’t or rarely post —

  • Events twice in a row—everyone gets an equal shot. Also, coordinate with your group members so you don’t send us the same event twice.
  • Kickstarters/fundraising campaigns (we make rare exceptions)
  • Anything that’s irrelevant to campus life
  • And jobs that usually go on the student jobs posting board.

6) If you have a tip for another student’s or alum’s work, you should definitely submit it through the submit a tip form. We will post about it to the best of our ability and depending on how time sensitive it is. It’s likely that it will end up in a monthly tipbox roundup of some sort.

7) Please don’t email staff members independently. I know that it seems like the best way to ‘network,’ but it slows the whole process down since it depends on that individual person’s schedule and will probably have to be reformatted. It’s just faster to use the event form. It’s trusty. It’s effective.

We love posting your events but it gets to be sort of ridiculous at certain times of the year, and it helps if you follow these guidelines so that we can post your stuff on time and save some room for writing features! Thanks for reading, and have a splendid day!

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