NEW CLASS: Javanese Dance

From Professor Pamardi Tjiptopradongo:

Course Description
Instruction in the classical dance of central Java will begin with the basic movement vocabulary and proceed to the study of dance repertoires. At the end of the semester, an informal recital will be arranged with the accompaniment of live gamelan music. No previous dance experience necessary.

Taught by Professor Pamardi Tjiptopradongo
Trained in both classical and contemporary Javanese theatrical and dance forms, Pamardi is a prominent dancer and choreographer from the renowned Institute of the Arts in Surakarta, Java, Indonesia; he is considered one of the preeminent performers of both refined and strong form of Javanese dance. Pamardi has extensive performance experience in Indonesia, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, China, India, Europe and the United States, and has taught? ?dance in Indonesia, Japan, and the United States.

Date: T/R
Time: 2:50-4:10
Place: World Music Hall

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