Need to Figure Out Co-Op Shares? Use this Spreadsheet!

Most of this is just recycled text from ~last semester~

The deadline for filling out the Local Co-Op Survey is Saturday at 5PM. If you’re a first-timer, co-op can be really confusing. There are at least 9 different co-ops to choose from, and the distribution method for each one can be different. Things only get more complicated if you live in a program house, a low rise apartment, or a senior house and are trying to form a group of 4 or more people, bUT yOU AlL wANt DifFFeREnt ThINgs!!!!!

It’s actually a huge problem. You may not want a full share of anything yourself but, as per co-op rules, your group must buy in whole numbers of shares. And, it’s somewhat difficult to figure out all these ratios as you are filling out the survey. Only one person can fill out the survey, and so if you don’t already know everything you want, your entire group has to be in the same room looking at the survey together.

davíd made a google sheet last semester that addresses these issues. You and your group members can use the sheet to get a preliminary feel for how much each person wants to contribute to your weekly co-op cornucopia. More after the jump:

Here’s a brief how-to for the spreadsheet:

First, you want to click on the link and make a copy of the spreadsheet.

Great, now you have a copy of the spreadsheet in your Google Drive. Invite your other group members with editing permissions. Now, look at the directions on the spreadsheet:

0. Copy this spreadsheet (click "File", then "make a copy" 1. fill out names of each participant in column B (they will go into the form) 1a. only edit the columns in green on this sheet 1b. hide excess columns if you have fewer than six people 2. each participant fills out their respective column of desired portion of shares 2a. fractions are ok! but your group will ultimately need to decide on a whole number of total shares 3. each person gives their ID # and email to make step 4 easier 4. one person fills out the co-op survey for the whole group 4a. on the survey, divide prices amongst your group according to the totals in row 13 5. everybody brings their ID to pay for their shares at the DFC on swipe day!

Once each member in your group fills out the spreadsheet, pay attention to these two columns: total shares and total prices. These will help determine if your group has whole numbers of shares.

After readjusting to make your group’s total shares whole numbers, you can begin to fill out the co-op survey. The co-op survey is through Qualtrics, which just means you have to be logged into your Wesleyan Single Sign On account in order to access the form.

When you’re filling out the survey, be sure to input the relative portions of your group’s shares from these cells (person X shares):

If you have any questions about or recommendations for the sheet, feel free to email staff[at]wesleying[dot]org. Otherwise, we hope this was useful! Also, don’t forget to actually fill out the official survey (not just this Google Sheet) by tomorrow at 5PM.


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