So, in “holy shit, I am becoming ancient” news, the class of 2022 Regular Decision…decisions…were sent out on Saturday. This means that the frosh are slightly not frosh anymore-ish, and there will be an influx of doe-eyed prefrosh entering campus soon enough.

I took some time to meander over to the good ‘ol College Confidential, and it seems like there are some impressive SAT scores being accepted to Wesleyan. Not like they really matter. Screams in social constructs and racism and classism of standardized testing. Here’s the WesAdmissions adorable welcome post in case you missed it:

WELCOME #WesAdmits2022!!! Decisions are live. Comment below if you’ve been accepted!

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If you’re a prefrosh reading this, welcome to Wes! We’re so glad you’re here––let me introduce this publication. We are ~Wesleying~, a blog dedicated to campus and student life here at the good ‘ol Wesleyan University. You’ll find a whole lot of shenanigans here, but if you matriculate, we will be your one stop source to an unofficial guide to surviving wes ;)

If you’re procrastinating studying for your calculus exam here are some ~awesome~ resources you can use to get to know us better! I’m not even going to provide thumbnails, because you’ll be forced to click the links.

Wanna know about parties? HERE’S our patriotic song that all of you will sing during the first week, only to find out…I’ll let you find out. Coping strategies, which are essential for existential crises and the such. Here’s our wonderful architectural stability, emblematic of our own stability. If you ever needed to poop ~somewhere nice~, do not fret, we have that too!

I’m copying some really important information from Zach, which I should have probably followed, since I still have not gotten rid of my…interesting self…from WesAdmits:

Also, a bit of advice: enjoy the WesAdmits Facebook group, but proceed with caution. Yes, everything you post there will be scrutinized by future classmates, current students, admission officers, and Wesleying staff. Yes, your future Wes friends will one day look back on those posts and give you shit for bragging about being one of “those who spell theatre with the r before the e.” It’s okay if you don’t already know where you want to live, what you want to study, who you want to be at Wesleyan: you’re not supposed to. Be friendly, share info, but don’t feel pressured to make all your friends and find a roommate and choose an extracurricular and construct an entire post-high school identity now. It doesn’t work that way. And no, you will not have trouble finding other Wes students who share your obscure interest in Radiohead or Arrested Development or playing tennis. They’re out there, and many of them aren’t posting on the Facebook group.

Oh, and you know that one guy who friends every member of the prefrosh class before school even starts? Don’t be that guy.

Welcome to Wes. We’re psyched to meet you.

But of course, send us a tweet! Send us a message! We will find you!

BUT WE ARE EXCITED TO MEET YOU. WesFest is happening super soon, like April 11-13! Come to Wes! COME TO WES OR LIN MANUEL WILL GET US. (ok not rly but one day our notifications got a little ~wild~ because he mentioned us)

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