This Snow is the Worst April Fools Joke to Date

I’m displeased. I woke up at 7AM this morning, ready to start the day off right, but was unable to do that because I looked out my window to the sight of several inches of snowy sorrow.

The snowfall is expected to peter out around noon. It’s still unclear whether we will be getting enough snow to do this or this:

Yesterday’s fishbowl, Wescam, and WSA jokes have nothing on this horrible instantiation of climate change. I legitimately was sunburned on Saturday. Whatever.

The Center of the Universe (fka New York City [fka Wesleyan 2]) is not here for the storm:

Well, NYC, Minnesnowta is laughing at you all right now. The Twin Cities area could get 4 inches today and 10 inches later in the week.

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