Wesleying Unofficial Orientation Series 2018: WELCOME

Heyo Class of 2022,

It’s that time of the year: last-minute house parties where you make regrettable decisions with people you forget you’ll see over breaks, the last couple trips of the summer to the coffee shops and diners around the corner, getting the first onslaught of questions by your stressed senior friends with questions about the Common App, family vacations to visit relatives you haven’t seen ever but have to pretend to remember, or maybe just staring at old YouTube videos while listening to some angsty jazz while hoping that maybe college will be better than high school.

We here at Wesleying want to help with this transition by easing some of your antsiness and fear by making it easier to see Wes as approachable and accessible. We’ll be (trying our best to) publish posts basically daily until the end of the summer when you get to actual Orientation and start having some of those great college experiences.  Each post will be about a different aspect of life at Wesleyan. As each post is published, we’ll update the schedule below with the link so that they’re all in one simple place.

Check back around noon EST on each day listed above for something new. You can also check the Unofficial Orientation 2018 tag. Some of these posts will be updates, some will be reposts from last year’s series–we’ve definitely a weird group of kids but some things don’t change very much.  While you’re waiting for new posts, feel free to check out last year’s and other Unofficial Orientations. This post will be updated in the coming weeks with links to each post.


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Have any specific questions? Post them as comments to this page, email staff[at]wesleying[dot]org, or post them in WesAdmits 2022. From us to you, welcome to Wesleyan!! It’s going to be wild, and you’ll make it through just fine.

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