Douglass Canon Makes Reappearance in Dean Mike Email (On Campus!)

In a fun turn of Halloween events, an email from Dean Mike Whaley graced the inboxes of the Wesleyan student body with a message from seven hooded figures posed around our old friend the Douglas Cannon.  Dean Mike also took the opportunity to plug Wesleyan’s now two-month-old video about the Cannon.

There was no indication of who this group is but the picture was taken at the Labyrinth plaque which is right by the Skull and Serpent Tomb. The secret society has been up to some wacky things in the past few years so why not take a walk down memory lane and check them all out here.  It is worth noting this may be the Mystic Seven as there are Seven people in the picture, but it seems unlikely.  Who knows who it is really, all that matters is that they have this beloved artifact of Wesleyan University (but also if you know who it was and want to reach out please do so, we can have a little conversation about it all).

The last appearance of the Douglas was last May in the Career Center. It appears to have a proper home, but who knows how long it’ll live there as the Cannon has a rich history of moving around.

It’s also always a pleasure knowing that at least seven people on campus own matching robes, and one of them really knows how to rock the docs with theirs.

If you want to read more about the happenings of the Cannon check out every single article we’ve ever written about it here.

Full text of Dean Mike’s email(image above):

Dear Wes,

This picture of the Douglas Cannon was sent to me overnight with a request that I pass it along with Halloween greetings from the Cannon…and presumably from the robed individuals accompanying it.

It has been a few years since I’ve seen the Cannon – nice to know that it is/was on campus again!  For those not familiar with the Cannon, check out this link.

All best,

Dean Mike

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