Procrastination Destination: 10 Fast Fingers

Welcome to the fourth installment of Procrastination Destination, where Wesleying provides you #content to get you through finals!

Hello fellow procrastinators! I, like many (most) of you, have countless essays to write this finals szn. And I’m sure, like many (most) of you, you have an increasingly limited amount of time to complete said essays this finals szn.

However, if any of you find yourself in a place where you feel your typing is not fast enough, that if only you could transport your brilliant thoughts to paper at a more rapid pace you could get the “A” you’ve always wanted in that really hard soc class, I have found an activity for you.

You need look no further than the website 10 Fast Fingers, which will test how many words you can type per minute, or your “RPM”.

Upon my mentioning this website, frosh Isabel Armour-Garb ’22 said “I love doing that, I do that all the time”. Isabel’s RPM is 94 with 98% accuracy.

Not only will 10 Fast Fingers improve your typing speed and overall genius-ness, but it will also get your competitive juices flowing as you compare your scores with your study buddies in first floor SciLi.  

From this moment forward, you may write your RPM on your resume and impress your prospective employers with your mad typing skillz. Please use responsibly.


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