Wesleyan Class of 2023 Begins: Early Decision I Results Released

From the College Confidential forums and personal contacts, we have received notice that Wesleyan’s Early Decision 1 results were released on Saturday, December 8 (likely between 2:45 and 3:00 PM, based on the College Confidential posts)!

I was accepted ED1 to the class of 2019, so you bet I’m feeling old right now! I vividly remember getting free Krispy Kreme donuts with my friends after school on December 12, 2014 (there was some sort of promo that day) and getting the news (which I subsequently posted about because I’ve always been #ExtremelyOnline lol)

There is now a WesAdmits 2023 Facebook Group (each class year gets a Facebook group made for admitted students—and later everyone else at Wes—made for them by the Office of Admissions)! Admitted students, definitely join this! (And current students, let us know if you get let in!)

To those who were admitted ED1: Congratulations, and welcome to the class of 2023! You have a great four(+/-) years ahead of you! Also tag us in your social media posts (@wesleying on twitter and insta) and we’ll share them!

To those who were deferred to ED2 or RD: Don’t give up hope! But also probably apply to some other schools so you have options!

And to those who were rejected: It sucks, especially when Wes was your first choice, but know that there are plenty of amazing schools out there for you! You apply to several, but you’ll only end up going to one, and anywhere you end up will be a great experience because you’ll make it one! And you can always apply as a transfer or gap year student if you’re really dead set on coming here!

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