2018: A Very Wesleying Year in Review

To say it’s been a wild year would be an insult to things that deserve the title “wild.” But, here we are, a month into reflecting and trying to understand what even happened in 2018, publishing this article to try to find some sense. And what other than to write about a year at an institution that makes no sense during any given year?!

Yes, friends, I am going to try to review this very confusing year––and bonus: I wasn’t even on campus for half of it! Because I am perpetually on the Internet, I have been filled in on the ~happenings~ last semester and will try my best to give 2018 the little justice it deserves.

Disclaimer: this is a subjective process, and things change at Wesleyan sometimes very quickly, but also sometimes veeeeery slowly. If I’ve missed something, let us know at staff[at]wesleying[dot]org. Send us your funny moments, your important moments…just all the moments.

Because this year was just…a lot…I’m going to do my best to organize this information as effectively as possible.

If you want to procrastinate because it’s been a week of classes, here’s some old content: 20122013201420152016, 2017.

The fucking Logo. 

While I was aways in the Denmark, I thought I would be removed enough from Wesleyan that I could spend some relaxing four months away from any major scandals. But since this is Wesleyan (and life is unfair), within the first weeks of the fall semester I was quickly notified of the logo scandal. My Scandinavian host family *loved* the logo for its simplicity, and I was happy to notify them that the logo was no mo'(re). It was an intense week of mixed feelings, sadness, and making fun of Wesleyan vis-a-vis my Danish professor.



Thesiscrazy had another wildly successful year, again breaking previous records with a grand total of 48 interviews! Congrats to all the thesis writers!

We did another round of the Unofficial Orientation Series to help the Class of 2023 prepare for Wesleyan!

We started Ask Wesleying, an advice column to answer your questions about all things Wesleyan!

We procrastinated our finals as always with Procrastination Destination.


Nature and Natural Phenomenon

We remembered the fallen (trees).

It snowed! In April… :/

So, in the spring of ’18, we had a,,,,erm,,,really bad tornado during reading period.

Some bikes showed up. 

We tried to bike around campus.

Our lack of ability to bike around evolved into an ability to scooter around.

Students enjoyed some fall foliage on Foss!

Wes came through with interesting animal encounters, part one and two!


Campus Happenings 

Eclectic got (half of) their house back.

We liveblogged the facilities forum.

Johanna DeBari was hired as the inaugural director of the SACE Office!

Wes hosted it’s first TEDxWesleyanU conference!

We welcomed the Class of 2022! And felt really old!

Daniel Handler was chosen to be the commencement speaker, which was not the greatest choice. Handler eventually withdrew himself as speaker, and Dr. Anita Hill gave the commencement speech for the class of 2018.

We talked to Girltype Behaviors, who opened for the Spring Fling where half the artists didn’t show up.

There were SO MANY all campus emails.

Students came together to change the University’s retake and incomplete policies.

The Douglas Canon arrived mysteriously.

Lotus house was on fire for a hot second.

Rothgate (and the aftermath) happened.



Roth gave another State of the School address, and we liveblogged it.

Trans students responded to the Federal Proposal on Defining Gender.

Students rallied in support of a beloved custodial worker who was unjustly fired.

CAPS went through a lot, and the University is still trying to recover from a huge shortage of staff. Students also organized to improve CAPS beyond just hiring new providers.

WesAlum actually making some changes in the government!


We’re Single ;)

We made some valentines for your SciLi Sweetie!

WesCrushes happened, and I was in need of validation.

Cuffing Season has happened ya’ll. It’s here. With the snow squall.



I complained about Usdan hummus.

The CTRail Hartford Line opened, giving students a quicker and cheaper way to get off campus!

Wesleying alums Lily Herman ’16 and Zach Schonfield ’13 came back to impart media wisdom upon Lily’s class: “It’s a Mess”: An Academic and Practical Look at Digital Media in the Late 2010s.

Lessons were learned through the hard-hitting tale “Laundry: A Sock Story.”

And yes, we updated the dang points calculator!


Here’s to another weird Wesleyan year! Happy 2019!


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