An Avian Infestation: Canada Goose at Wesleyan

Image courtesy of our friends at wesleyangeese

It’s winter at Wesleyan. The days are short, you’re not allowed to open the windows in your dorm, and you’re not sure if the cloud coming from your classmate’s mouth is their frozen breath or just their Juul. But winter at a liberal arts college also conjures up a true evil of this world: flocks of Canada Geese.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Canada Goose jackets are the winter coat of choice for Wesleyan students who get monthly allowances and who go to the Bahamas for Christmas. A Canada Goose parka retails for $950, while a longer length coat will set you back $1,050. The most expensive one I found while doing research for this piece was a “quilted blazer” made in collaboration with the brand Henry Poole that was going for $1,695 (it includes straps so you can carry it like a backpack???)

How could something so expensive be so ugly?????

Obviously the prices are atrocious, but what really gets me about all these Canada Gooses (Geese? Gooses? Who knows) is that YOU DON’T NEED ONE FOR CONNECTICUT.

There is a reason the Canada Goose logo is a picture of Antarctica. THESE COATS WERE MADE FOR THE ARCTIC. The standard issue parka that you are required to have to travel to Mcmurdo Station, the largest research station in Antarctica, is a Canada Goose. It is meant to withstand the average winter temperature of -18 degrees Celsius. In comparison, the average winter temperature in Connecticut is -0.5 degrees Celsius, or 31 degrees Fahrenheit.

“But what about the polar vortex?!?!” you may cry. Yes, I am aware that a couple weeks ago we had a cold spell that plunged the temperature to 0 degrees when we were all walking to our 8:50s. However I can tell you that I, a sort-of-Southerner that had never experienced temperatures that low, survived by wearing the following:

  • A tank top
  • A long sleeve shirt over that
  • A sweatshirt over that
  • My coat over all of that (for comparison, this coat cost about $70 when I bought it as a freshman in high school)
  • Leggings
  • Sweatpants over those
  • Gloves, hat, scarf

Not only did I survive in these clothes, but I was fairly comfortable walking to class, to Main Street, and back. And with layers, when I walked into the Pits of Hell that are the Exley math classrooms, I could adjust to the temperature with ease. Not once did I think to myself “God I wish I had an ludicrously expensive, Arctic-appropriate coat to protect me right now.”

But I know these people aren’t wearing these jackets for warmth. The fact of the matter is, Wesleyan students love their brands. They love their Supreme. They love their Comme Des Garçons. If you have the right logo on your clothes, you can show off your money while still being “cool.” This is the flip side of another Wesleyan class-related fashion trend, which meli wrote about earlier this month. The 1% at Wesleyan can’t choose whether to hide their wealth or boldly display it on their sleeve. They want it all.

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Our friends over at wesleyangeese had an additional bit of wisdom to pass along: 

“If you wanna look rich, you should just buy a Canada Goose patch on Etsy for $2.50, a $9 sewing kit, and flex it on whatever jacket you already own.”

I’m doubtful that a sewing kit is actually that expensive, but regardless, $11.50 + shipping is still much more reasonable than $950+!

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