Spring Break Hours: Sustenance & More!

so ~springy~ amirite??? (photo courtesy of Bowen He ’21)

Despite what the layers of ice and snow blanketing the campus may signal, it is indeed spring break! Some of you may be jetting (or ride-begging) off into warmer climes, but for those staying in this wintry wasteland on campus, you’ll need sustenance (even if you’re planning on hibernating through long stretches of break).

Lucky for you, we’ve outlined below what’s going to be open and what’s going to be closed and at what times the open things will be open. Just look for the place you want to eat at and then check the hours.  Hint: if the place is not Weshop it probably won’t be open.  If you feel like you need to see this information in chart form you can do so on the websites of each place here: (Bon AppetitWesWings & Red and BlackLibraries).


  • Usdan Marketplace:
    Regular hours Friday, March 8th
    Closed until dinner on Sunday, March 24th
  • Summies, Pi, Late Night, and the Usdan Cafe:
    Closed Friday, March 8th through Sunday, March 24th
  • Weshop:
    Regular hours (2 pm-6 pm) Friday, March 8th
    Monday-Friday only from 12PM-6PM
    On Sunday the 24th Weshop will be open from Midday-Midnight (12PM-12AM)
  • WesWings:
    Closed from Saturday the 9th to Saturday the 23rd
  • Red & Black:
    Regular hours Friday, March 8th and Saturday, March 9th
    Closes for the first week of break and opens back up with regular hours (9AM-5PM) on Monday the 13th


Olin & SciLi:

This is a great time to go try out the nap pods without having three or four tour groups passing by you.

Freeman Athletic Center: 

They made a handy guide for you here, but the gist of it is that the gym will be closed on the weekends, and open 6:45 am-6:45 pm on weekdays (returning to normal the Monday after break).


  • Spring Break Shuttle info can be found here (you generally need to get tickets in advance).
  • The Ride will run from 7 pm-1 am Friday March 8–March 23, and resume normal hours on Sunday March 24 , from 7pm-3am
    If you need assistance outside these hours, you can always call 860-685-3788 or P-Safe (Non-Emergency: 860-685-2345)
  • The Grocery Shuttle will also be operating on its usual schedule (Sunday from 12:30pm-3:30pm and every Wednesday from 6:30 pm – 8:30pm)
    The van leaves from Usdan to Aldi and Price Chopper and returns to Usdan.

Davison Health Center

The health center will be closed for the first week of break, but they’ve put together a list of on-call and off-campus services if you need assistance/treatment. In case of Emergency, call 911

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