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Check out this guest post from  Serena Rusk ’20, a Student Mentor at the newly founded Presentation Studio!

No matter the field, be it science, business, or the arts, the ability to craft and deliver powerful presentations is the bread-and-butter of making an impact, sharing your discovery, or marketing to a new crowd. Giving a presentation is such an important job skill, so don’t let it scare you anymore! Come check out the Presentation Studio!


The Presentation Studio is a brand new resource for students, run by the Center for Pedagogical Innovation and housed on the second floor of SciLi (room 268). The Presentation Studio functions somewhat like the Writing Workshop but focuses on creating and delivering high-quality presentations.  We have 3 student mentors (including me ?) who work one on one with students (or groups) to support in every step of the presentation creation process. We focus on the super important (but often overlooked) aspects of creating and giving amazing presentations: visual design, outlining and organization, and speaking and delivery. We’re expecting that people will mostly come in for class assignments, but if you have another kind of presentation, like a pitch, conference talk, or job interview, we’d love to help you out as well!

The biggest thing that I’ve learned from being a mentor is that many of us don’t do a great job at creating and delivering presentations. We seem to have accepted boring, dense presentations as normal, when in fact, there are lots of things we can do to more effectively communicate information that we simply don’t see modeled to us as we’re learning. One of my favorite things to utilize in my own presentations is visual design. It’s remarkable how simple components such as color, fonts, and spacing can set the tone for your presentation and capture your audience.

One thing that we don’t think about is how crucial presentations are in most workplaces, arguably even more so than academic writing. Yet we rarely get opportunities to receive feedback on or improve our presentation technique in college as we do with writing. Giving good presentations makes you more employable, and translates into other desirable skills, such as verbal communication, logical reasoning and presenting an argument, and an eye for visual design.

If you’re intrigued, come make an appointment and say hi and we can work on a presentation that you have coming up or just talk about how to up your presenting game.

The Studio is open from 5-8pm Monday through Thursday, and from 2-8pm on Sundays. Appointments are for 45 minutes, and you can choose to meet with me, Shantelle Brown, or Ella Miodownik ’20 (learn more about us here).

Make an appointment:

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Check out our list of presentation resources: (coming soon)

If you’re already a pro or looking for a way to learn and practice, consider participating in our Pecha Kucha competition on April (more information here). First and second place gets $100 and $50 gift cards to Cardinal Tech, respectively.  We’re looking for people to give a timed presentation of 20 slides on any topic they’d like. Check out the Facebook event here to register and see some cool examples of Pecha Kucha presentations.

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