woop woop THESISCRAZY 2019 here we come!!!

Seniors! CONGRATS to all of you. You’ve spent this year oscillating between the best and the worst times, and it’s coming to a close. For those of y’all writing theses: you are almost down with this year of conceptualizing and writing this long ass paper!! So whether you’re stressing out too much or not stressing out enough, let Wesleying celebrate your triumphs and misfortunes this thesis season. We want to interview YOU about your thesis! We wanna hear about YOUR life, thesis-related or not! Tell us YOUR plans for April 16th (teehee CHAMPAGNE!!)!

To see past THESISCRAZY posts, here’s the archive (it’s really perfect for procrastinating tbh). To sign up for an interview, fill out this form!

Join the ranks of these esteemed alums! Fill out this form or email staff(at)wesleying(dot)org and include your name, potential times to meet up before April 16th, and where you’re doing your thesis/want to chat (carrel number, name of building/room where you work, home, etc.).

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