wescam is baaack (almost)!

Yes, I will kiss the girl from Venus for science

**update as of 3:52pm today, wescam is LIVE! wesleyanscam.com**

It is now officially April 8th here on the east coast, which means (spoiler alert) the wescam website will be live literally any second. (Also it’s this year’s organizer/lead coding queen Emma Freeman ’19s birthday!) It’s going up earlier this year than it has in the past, which could be either a good thing or a bad thing? Historically, I’ve been very excited for the first week of wescam season, after which my hype factor diminishes exponentially. This is most likely because I’m a horrifically terrible texter, but also because of the self-fulfilling prophecy that wescam won’t live up to my expectations. But Mercury is no longer in retrograde, so maybe this year will be ~different~.

Seeing as apparently spring is the season for #figuring #shit #out, here are some things I’ve been thinking about in the lead up to wescam:

  1. this article by Ella Dawson ’15 that everyone at this goddamn school needs to read
  2. how do u keep track of all the seniors you want to wescam/do you make a list/is that weird?
  3. am i a bad millennial for being a bad texter?
  4. sadness at my senior friends graduating
  5. more creative conversation starters than 20 questions (if you have tips please write-in) (pls)
  6. that one wescam I forgot to open/didn’t guess last year that will now haunt me forever
  7. A cost/benefit analysis of using the SuperCrush function
  8. how it’s a good thing that I recently (read: two days ago) decided to (1) start saying yes to things I would normally say no to in an effort to (2) do more dumb shit in college (see #16)
  9. Do I know any single grad students?
  10. is wescam the wesleyan version of the thrill of the chase?
  11. is Wesleyan still the horniest college in the country?
  12. whether or not wescam season coincides with sex-in-olin season
  13. what are @mroth’s thoughts on wescam? just kidding
  14. is it worth it to wescam that senior boy?
  15. should you even be wescamming that senior boy
  16. yes, you should wescam that senior boy.
  17. this tweet:

I leave you all with these parting words:




Godspeed, motherfuckers

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