“Am I in Love?”: The Best of the SciLi Carrel Graffiti

Most of the graffiti is actually very inclusive!

For most of this year, the second-floor SciLi carrels have been my study space of choice. They’re quieter than the lunch-with-your-friends-disguised-as-studying of first-floor SciLi, but  allow for slightly more noise than in Olin, where I feel guilty for just unzipping my backpack. They have a good amount of natural light, and their cute little walls protect me from making eye contact with anyone else working there, so I can sink into the false sense of solitude that I so desperately need. But an added bonus is that many of the carrels have some *high quality* graffiti from all the students that have studied there before, providing ample entertainment and procrastination fodder. And for your reading privilege, I have compiled the highlights. Click below for some anxiety-fueled musings. (Please note that I take no responsibility for any misspellings, botched punctuation, or opinions. All errors belong to the authors themselves.)

  • “Ignorance is a sad thing”
  • P1: “I’m never gonna fail” P2: “we’ll see”
  • “You can do eet!”
  • “BOOB”
  • P1: “GAY AF!” P2: “is a cool thing!”
  • “Really hard to study when some DICK broke my heart :(” (written right above a game of tic tac toe) 
  • P1: “You got this” P2: “this helped”
  • P1: “I eat ass” P2: “not properly” 
  • P1: “millennials are pussys” P2: “good one”
  • “The universe works mentally”
  • P1: “HOW DO I KNOW IF I’M IN LOVE” P2: “ur not” P3: “lol”
  • “This desk is a ho”
  • “Where can I get some anal beads”
  • “Hail Zorp”
  • P1: “I blew a guy and now he won’t text me” P2: “Tough luck…” P3: “asshole. He has no idea what he is missing”


  • P1: “would you believe me if I said I’m in love?” P2: “NO” 

(there are so many variations on proclamations/questions about being in love on these desks. Is this really the best way to express your feelings?) 

  • “ORGO ORGY” 
  • P1: “I’M IN LOVE TWO” P2: “When is my turn?”
  • “ME is so sexy”
  • “I cried here”
  • P1: “I want to sleep in :(” P2: “I feel”
  • “Fuck this shit I’m just going to CHEAT”
  • ‘Oh snail climb Mt Fuji but slowly, slowly”
  • “I could devastate you with a kiss from my lips”
  • P1: “Go Cubs” P2: “Fuck yeah!”
  • “Expell all athletes!”
  • “Oh no he has AirPods on he can’t hear us”
  • P1: “WHY” P2: “SAME”
  • “Wesleyan is far from sacred”
  • “Warning: do not take biochem no matter what”
  • “Can we just not for like 2 seconds”
  • P1: “OMG I like drugs” P2: “Dude same”
  • P1: “RIP my boner” P2: “I’m sorry for your loss”

The no’s have it

Are there any ones you think we missed? Do you need to talk about the feelings these quotes brought forth in you? Leave us a comment down below or email us at staff[at]wesleying[dot]org!

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