MRoth’s House Announced as Housing Option for Low Lottery Numbers

Due to an unprecedented number of students applying for General Room Selection for the 2019-2020 school year, ResLife has announced that it will be opening up three rooms in President Roth’s house for students that were forced to wait until summer for their housing assignment. Each of the rooms will be single-sized forced triples, most likely occupied by sophomores who are desperately vying for a room in a system that requires you to live on campus but doesn’t guarantee you a bed.

Although Roth has not yet responded to the news, we can imagine that he is displeased to now be living with the same students who keep protesting his administration, no matter how many studies he throws at them. And how dare ResLife burden him with these childre—er, students, when all he has is a salary of $926,183 a year, free domestic cleaning services provided by an SMG custodial worker, and a free house to boot! Maybe if he sees firsthand (again) just how much mess comes along with living and working at Wesleyan as a student, he may have more empathy for this school’s custodial workers. 

imagine waking up to this each morning ;)

For those of you deciding whether to transfer to a school with a more reasonable housing policy (and president) or embrace the adventure/risk of living in MRoth’s house, we’ve made a quick little pros and cons list to help you out:


  • “luxury accommodations”
  • single-use gender-neutral bathrooms
  • a relatively central location on campus
  • living with #Mathilde.


  • having to live in MRoth’s house
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