Procrastination Destination: The Paperclip Game

Welcome to the first installment of Procrastination Destination, where Wesleying provides you with #content to get you through finals!

Let me tell you a story. When I was a senior in high school, I was in a really dope AP Physics C class. The teacher was awesome, the students were all friends, and most importantly, we did a whole lot of “not physics.” One day, our teacher got up in front of the class and told us he had a game to show us. This is how The Paperclip Game entered my life.

The Paperclip Game is a seemingly innocent clicker game in which, at the beginning, you simply make and sell paperclips. Once you hit certain paperclip milestones, you can buy autoclippers to make clips for you, or up your marketing so you can increase the public demand and drive up prices. As you continue to progress, however, it begins to become less and less about paperclips. That is all I can tell you here. You’ll have to see for yourself what the game truly holds.

The thing I want you to know about this game is that IT. IS. LIKE. CRACK. It is the best game and the worst game. When our teacher introduced it to us in my physics class, all the entire class did for the rest of the day was play this game. Our teacher would go and try to lecture, only to get sucked into the game again. The next Monday, he admitted to us that he didn’t play with his children all weekend because he was making paperclips. I introduced the game to my dad, and he couldn’t go to bed that night because he was so engaged. As I am writing this article, almost 2 years since I last played, I am making paperclips on the next tab over. I almost didn’t write about The Paperclip Game for Procrastination Destination because I was genuinely worried about people taking huge hits to their studying, but I decided to do it anyway. Please don’t sue me and play at your own risk. 

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