Unofficial Orientation 2019: Welcome!

it’s crazier than vegas. i promise.

Hiya Class of 2023!

So we’re past the midpoint of summer, reality has set in, and you’ve had the sudden realization that by the end of this month you’re gonna be starting college. At this point before my freshman year, I was counting down the days till I could leave for school and the excitement was literally killing me. The restlessness only got worse once my friends started leaving for their schools, because we start LAST. jk not last. but almost last!

So you’re excited and looking forward to August 28th, but I’m sure you also have lots of questions, such as:

Where are the parties? Where is the dining hall? Is it YOUS-dan or OOS-dan? Where are the parties? Where will you find your music buds? What’s it like living in a communal dorm with a communal bathroom where people of all genders brush their teeth and shower side by side? Where are the parties? Do we even have greek life? Is Middletown a real town? What the fork is RuHo/MuHo/MoHo/WoCoHo? What is Espwesso and why did they not call it Wespresso? What’s a Wescam? Where are the parties?

Because we care, we’re addressing all of these questions (and more!) in Wesleying’s Unofficial Orientation Series! For the next 3ish weeks, we’ll be uploading one post a day about different aspects of life at Wesleyan. We’ll do our best to ensure that you know at least something about this wonderful magical amazing place that’ll be your home for the next four years (which will pass by all too fast but we’ll get to that later).

Also, check out our twitter (@Wesleying) on Monday, August 5th @ 3pm EST for a live twitter chat!

Here’s what we’ve got in store:

Check back around 3pm EST on each day listed above for something new. Some of these posts will be new, while some will simply be reposts and updates from last year’s series.

If you’d like, you can look back at past years’ Unofficial Orientations or keep track of this year’s series with the Unofficial Orientation Series 2019 tag. This post will be updated in the coming weeks with links to each post.

Have any specific questions? Post them as comments to this page, email staff[at]wesleying[dot]org, or tweet/dm us! If you’re interested in writing for Wesleying when you get here, our first meeting will be on Sunday, September 8th! more info about time and location to come :)

From all of us here at Wesleying, welcome to Wesleyan!

You’re in for something special.

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