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One thing that’s been missing from Unofficial Orientation in the past is a list of student identity groups. So, here is a list of clubs of that type which are, to the best of our knowledge, active. 

All descriptions are taken from Wesnest, Wesleyan’s database of student organizations and events.

African Students Association

The African Students’ Association at Wesleyan University seeks to encourage the unification of African students and students of African descent in the diaspora. Together, we share the cultures and traditions of the African nations and our experiences from our different walks. We organize and engage in activities and events that promote and celebrate African culture. ASA also seeks to create awareness of diverse issues affecting the African continent and empower ourselves to contribute meaningfully to the developments of our nations.


Ajua Campos (301)

Ajùa Campos (AC) is Wesleyan’s Latino/a/x student identity and affinity group. We meet weekly to discuss issues, coordinate community outreach initiatives, and plan events pertinent to Wesleyan’s Latinx community.

45 Wyllys Ave

Middletown , CT 06457

United States

Contact Email:



Asian American Student Collective 

AASC strives to provide a community space for the Asian and Asian American communities at Wesleyan. We work to build coalitions with other student-of-color groups and open up channels of communication among Asian American and Asian students and the greater community. We aim to create supportive networks within the Asian American community that last beyond our time as students at Wesleyan. We also aim to start dialogues in which issues of identity, race, class, gender and sexuality can be explored and questioned and where our diverse individual experiences can be placed within a broader historical context.




Caribbean Students’ Association

Caribbean Students Association’s main purpose is to build community and support among all self-identifying Caribbean students and to educate the larger Wesleyan community on the interests and diversities of the Caribbean through planned cultural activities and community involvement.




Caliente is one of Wesleyan’s Latin dance groups. In the past, the group has danced to salsa, bachata, merengue, reggaetón, and more! If you have a burning passion for Latin music and dance, come to our fall auditions! We are open to all who want to perform or simply learn how to dance. Caliente has monthly dance workshops that range from Bachata, Merengue, Salsa, Tipico, rumba and more. Dates, times, and locations for auditions will be posted on Facebook, the Caliente table at the group fair, and announced during the fall dance showcase.


Chinese Cultural Club

Chinese Culture Club is an organization that seeks to promote awareness and understanding about various aspects of Chinese culture. We hope to serve as a platform to students to learn and understand more about China and to aid other culture groups to promote culture diversity at Wesleyan as a whole.

45 Wyllys Ave

Middletown, CT 06459

United States

Contact Email:

Phone Number: (301) 538-4496





Haitian Student Collective

To increase the representation of Haitian heritage and culture at Wesleyan, the Haitian Student Collective (HSC) aims to create a community for Haitian students on campus where members can talk about current events and other Haiti-related issues, stay in touch with the Haitian culture, and connect with each other in a pleasant and inclusive environment. Members will also have opportunities to network with Haitian faculty, staff and alumni. Furthermore, the HSC will strive to promote an informed narrative of Haiti on campus through culturally entertaining and educational events. Reminiscent of the pride of Haiti’s ancestors, the Haitian Student Collective hopes to strengthen the present and brighten the future of Haitians abroad, domestically and within the Wesleyan Community. This group is not limited to people of Haitian heritage but opened to all who are interested in the Haitian culture. #L’unionFaitLaForce.


Invisible Men

Invisible Men is a forum for people who identify as men to comfortably and openly discuss issues pertaining to our community, provide positive support for one another, and pursue our personal growth within a shared context. Through mutual communication we have come to recognize the importance of a space where men of color can meet each other with love, respect, and understanding. We aim to share the diverse experiences and identities that characterize our relation to the term “man of color,” while attempting to expand on the identities entailed. We not only seek to work within ourselves but to create greater unity among the people of color community across genders and sexual orientations. We strongly believe that through seeking unity within our multicultural community, we can all reach new levels of success together. Invisible Men is open to all students who identify as men and have a desire to contribute to our campus community and the pursuit of the organization’s mission.



Korean Student Association

Wesleyan Korean Student Association (KSA) is a club organization that aims to provide a safe and welcoming space for those who identify as Korean or Korean American. We also encourage those with great interest in Korean culture to join and explore more through the extensive community. We host many events that act as a place for community engagement and cultural exposure for the Wesleyan community!

45 Wyllys Ave

WesBox 91094

Middletown, CA 06459



P: 949-943-0160





Celebrating traditional dances that have been passed on by our ancestors for many generations, Kumina will incorporate dances that originated in Africa and have spread as far as the Caribbean. The group is open to all students regardless of ancestry or dance experience so come celebrate history with us!


Latin & Ballroom Dance Team

We have weekly Latin & Ballroom dance lessons with a professional instructor. Our goal is to cultivate a safe and enjoyable environment for students on campus to learn a variety of techniques, regardless of their experience and commitment availability!


Middle Eastern Student Union

This will be a group for those who identify with Middle Eastern culture in different ways and for students who are just interested in learning more about it. This will be a dialogue group and an open space to talk about identity and social issues, such as gender roles, feminism, and etc, in the region. Our main goal is to provide a comfortable space for students in the group and to educate others through discussing personal experiences and perspectives. We also intend to highlight positive aspects of this culture through cultural shows, formals, and other kinds of events.


Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students Wesleyan Chapter

MAPS is a student group that aims to provide a support system for underrepresented minorities that are pre-med through resources, activities, networking and community building. We have a partnership with the Netter MD School of Medicine at Quinnipiac.






Multi-ethnic Interracial Cross-cultural

MIX is committed to creating a campus community that recognizes and respects the complexity of race, racism, and identity. We support the right to self-identify, and seek to provide a safe space for individuals of mixed heritage and those passionate about mixed heritage issues to discuss their experiences and ideas in a supportive environment. We think it’s important for mixed heritage and trans-racially adopted people to strengthen their involvement in existing ethnic/affinity groups, but also wish to raise awareness and give voice to mixed heritage issues on campus. Ultimately, we see our work as an important step to create supportive and inclusive communities for all people.


Muslim Student Association 

Collective for Muslim identifying students on campus






We are Wesleyan’s Filipino Student Association, PINOY, and we welcome Filipinos, Filipino-Americans, or anyone interested in learning about Filipino culture, food, and more. We hold social events small and big, often collaborating with other identity groups around campus. We also share our culture to the Wesleyan community through food events, performances (ranging from dance to theater), and other avenues.




POC Law Society

The purpose of the Pre- Law Society for People of Color is to increase student access and opportunity in the field of law by creating a network of alumni-student mentorship, conference opportunities, LSAT prep financial support, and more.



POC-acapella is a student of color acapella group.



Shakti is a student organization devoted to promoting cultural awareness amongst South Asians and the greater Wesleyan community. We pride ourselves in promoting inclusivity and educating our peers. Our vibrant community fosters bonds across our campus to join our voice in multiple identity discourses. We also celebrate the distinct individuality of each of our members, as this diversity contributes to our collective strength.




Taiwanese Student Association

Did you know that boba originated from Taiwan? Taiwanese Student Association (TSA) is a community for people of all backgrounds to gain understanding of Taiwanese culture. We help build and strengthen students’ relationships with Taiwanese culture and with other students with similar ties or interest in Taiwanese culture by organizing events and communicating opportunities.


The Ankh

Founded in 1985, the Ankh has served as a vehicle of expression and empowerment for Wesleyan’s students, faculty, and staff of color. Each semester, the Ankh puts together a publication composed and compiled entirely by people of color at Wesleyan and beyond.

190 High St.

Middletown, CT 06457






Established in 1991, SPECTRUM is Wesleyan’s affinity group for LGBTQ+ students of color. Our goal is to build and support the QTPOC community here on campus through smaller collective meetings as well as larger campus-wide events. Note: SPECTRUM collective meetings are designed to be a space solely for LGBTQ+ students of color at Wesleyan. We kindly ask that if you do not share this identity that you allow those who do to enjoy the sacred safe space that our collective meetings strive to create.


HOUSE (Human Organisms Undertaking Sexy Entertainment)

HOUSE is dedicated to the appreciation, practice, and community of LGBTQ+ performance art, particularly in the styles of drag performance and club kid culture.


Catholic Student Organization

The Catholic Student Association is a student-run organization of Catholic students who seek to live out their Christian commitment in a faith community that emphasizes respect, dignity, and friendship. The vision of education and campus life that is reflected in our group is one that attempts to integrate the search for knowledge with love and service to the academic community and the world at large. Although distinctively Catholic, the CSO respects all religious traditions and welcomes all those who wish to share their talents and gifts. Most of the activities and events that are planned and organized by the CSO are coordinated through the Catholic chaplain’s office located in the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, Room 205, 169 High Street. These activities and events generally evolve around the celebration of the sacraments, particularly weekly Eucharist, but also include many other opportunities for prayer, retreats, social justice, service projects, fellowship, etc. The CSO is comprised of students from all walks of life, who represent a vast array of majors and participate in a wide variety of athletic, cultural, and social activities here on campus. The CSO will meet once a month, or as needed, to socialize or plan activities or events. The meetings are usually informal, short, and centered around prayer and food! The CSO does not require dues or a formal initiation, and all persons who care about Gospel values are invited. New members, ideas, and suggestions are always welcomed. If you think that you might like to join our organization or spend some time with us, please reach out to Father Bill, the Catholic chaplain, or one of the student leaders below. The CSO is a great way to meet new people and make lasting friends in a supportive and encouraging community. Try us. You might be surprised at what you find. And hey, don’t forget to love us on Facebook!


Chabad at Wesleyan

Chabad is a Jewish movement with a bold vision and a simple philosophy. The vision is to bring Judaism to every single Jew on earth, no matter where they dwell. The philosophy is to be inclusive of all Jews, regardless of their background. With over 4,000 emissaries around the globe and over 80 branches on U.S. college campuses, Chabad is the largest Jewish outreach organization in the world today.

Chabad at Wesleyan, although having a presence for many years, opened its doors in the fall of 2011 with social, educational, recreational and religious programming for students and faculty. We hope to become a meeting ground for conversation that highlights and complements the diversity at Wesleyan University. Chabad is a home where all Jews are welcome no matter what affiliation, denomination or sexual orientation. We give you the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of your Jewish heritage. Most importantly, Chabad is a place where being Jewish is fun.


It’s worth noting that this is by no means a complete list! If you have anything to add to it, shoot us an email at!

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